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February 21, 2001 -- by A.T. Hun

Updated February 23, 2001

Today our very own J got a Handspring Visor Deluxe. His email to me stated, "Got me a Visor Deluxe! Don't know what I'm doing with it! Right now, it's a glorified Pyramid Solitaire handheld game!" In order to help out the myriad of folks like J, I offer to you my list of AvantGo channels. AvantGo provides a list of channels that bring web content to your PalmOS or WinCE PDA. I will not claim that this is the ultimate channel list or anything. These are simply the channels I have found to be worthwhile. I think you'll find them to be worthwhile too. - Quotes and News: Even though I have no money to speak of, I'm fascinated by the stock market. This channel provides up-to-the minute stock news and commentary from the Motley Fool. You can even get current stock quotes and market indices. It's all presented in the Motley Fool's irreverent style.

Michigan Sports: I am a native Michigander living in Wisconsin. It's hard to find news on my favorite teams (or any team other than the Packers for that matter). This channel fills the void by bringing Detroit Free Press articles on the Red Wings, Lions, Tigers, Pistons, the University of Michigan, Michigan State, other colleges, and prep sports. As if that weren't enough, they even throw in Mitch Albom's Pulitzer-prize-winning column. Good stuff for Michigan sports fans at home or abroad.

The Haus: Naturally! Our channel gives you the last two days' news and our most recent articles.

The Sporting News Hockey: Get the latest National Hockey League news from one of the premier sports magazines.

VisorCentral: In my opinion, VisorCentral is the best independent online news and reviews source for the Handspring Visor. Their channel has the latest news and product reviews available for your perusal.

Yahoo!: Yahoo!'s channel brings all the information you have on your My Yahoo! Page to your PDA. I use it to keep track of my mutual funds, give me the latest Reuters headlines, get the weather forecast, check my favorite teams' scores, and keep track of what's playing at the local theater. I've tried a number of similar services, but none seem to work as well as Yahoo!'s.

ZDNet to Go: Ziff-Davis (the publishers of PC Week and PC Magazine, among others) recently combined their various AvantGo channels into one. With ZDNet to Go you get the latest technology news, computing tips, commentary, and software suggestions. It's a great channel. In my opinion it's a must-have on your PDA.

These are just a few of the literally hundreds of channels AvantGo offers, all for free. Check out their channels page for a complete list. If you are an information junkie like I am, AvantGo is a dream come true.