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Handy Quake III Arena Console Commands

Updated: December 13, 1999

Remember that every command must be preceded by a slash / or backslash \.


bot_minPlayers x
Set this to however many bots you want to have roaming your server. If the server fills up and another client tries to connect, a bot will automatically be booted. Use g_spSkill x to set the skill level for the bots.
g_friendlyFire x (default = 1)
1 = players can damage their teammates in teamplay modes, 0 = friendly fire does no damage.
g_gametype x
Sets the type of game: 0 = free for all, 1 = 1v1 (tournament), 2 = single player, 3 = teamplay, 4 = capture the flag.
Displays I.P. addresses and other information on every client.


bot_nochat 1
One of the biggest gripes I hear from people is that the bots talk too much. This command will shut them up but good.
cg_gibs 0
Setting this to 0 will give you a nice speed boost, especially in a firefight when you need all the fps you can get. There's still plenty of jetsam though . . . never fear :)