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Cheat Codes for Unreal Tournament

Whether you want a leg up on the bots or just want a chance to check out the Redeemer, these cheat codes will get you where you need to go. Thanks Game Sages for the information.

To enable cheats, pull down the console (with the tilde key ~) and type "iamtheone" (without the quotes) and hit return. Then you can hit tab at any point and enter any of the following codes.

ALLAMMOGives you 999 ammo for all your guns
FLYLets you fly around
WALKUse this to stop FLYing or GHOSTing
GHOSTDisables clipping (walk through walls)
KILLALL enemyKills all enemies of the class entered (nali, skaarjwarrior, mercenary, etc.)
PLAYERSONLYFreezes time. Press again to resume time passage.
GODGod mode. (Editor's note: Duh.)
OPEN mapnameJump to any map, just enter the name like OPEN DIG.
SUMMON itemnameAdds whatever you want to the world (examples: cannon, eightball, flakcannon, nali, skaarjwarrior, quad shot)
BEHINDVIEW 1Third-person view
BEHINDVIEW 0First-person view