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Wednesday, August 11, 1999


This is a link to an old site, but very fun and cool to visit. The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers is a site dedicated to information about the classic Apple ][, Atari, Commodore, etc, games written in the 1970s and 1980s. Very cool site. Highly recommended for the old farts in the crowd like those behind the authorship of this site :-)

New Ryan's Room

Ryan "Joltox" Greene has updated his Ryan's Room column. In this installment he sets the record straight on cheating in Shogo and shows it for what it really is. You can view it directly or through our commentary page.

Remember, Ryan's Room is first and foremost a question-and-answer column. Send all your PG-13 questions to him!

Tip for Newbie Quakers

One thing that took me forever to figure out in Q3Test is the importance of health and armor. I used to be a member of the "charge ahead, guns a-blazin'" school of Quake until I went into spectator mode and started following some of the better players around. They consistently picked up armor and health whenever possible. If they were getting really low, they would run rather than fight a losing battle. I know this tactic has really helped me.

Q3Test1 and Q3Test2 Strategy Guides

When I see things like this I usually say to myself, "Blah, blah, blah. Next." Do we really need guides for individual maps? Well, I read these two guides and did get some useful information. They are really good for someone playing Q3Test for the first time, and they are even helpful for the seasoned Quaker. Follow these links to the Q3Test1 Guide and the Q3Test2 Guide. I saw these on Blue's News (although his link to the Q3Test2 guide pointed to the Q3Test1 guide).

Live!Ware 2.1 CDs Available

Imagine my surprise when I checked the SoundBlaster Live! website and saw that the Live!Ware 2.1 CDs are actually in stock! SB Live! owners can order the CD on the website or by calling 1-800-998-1000 (in the USA anyway). The cost is $9.95 plus shipping and handling.

New RIPper

The Old Married Guys [RIP], the oldest (in respect to age of its members) Shogo MAD, welcomes GofraidhTheGnoble (GTG) into its illustrious ranks. The official RIP web page is a part of my Haus of Shogo website. Which reminds me, are you ready to become a RIPper, The Master?

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

nVidia and SGI news

Well-some wild and crazy news in the nVidia and SGI world. nVidia and SGI recently settled a patent lawsuit, and have now decided to join in a strategic alliance. SGI has also backed off some on it's initiative to build a new OpenGL/DirectX API system with Microsquash (I mean Microsoft-sorry Bill). Part of the initiative is a knowledge transfer of engineers to nVidia, and the use of nVidia tech in SGI workstations. SGI also has plans to cut 1,500 jobs in its organization. Interesting how that happens along with an engineering transfer :-)

v2.0 of the Shogo Validate.rez

Thorin has released version 2.0 of his Shogo anti-cheating rez called Validate. Both the client and the server have to be using this rez in order for it to work. This rez runs checksums on important exe and dll files as well as monitoring for "suspicious" activity. You can download it here.

More Carmack Goodness

Avatar has posted his own summary of Carmack's speech at QuakeCon, focusing more on the practical rammifications of the changes made in Q3 on mod authors. Q3 shifts a lot of the work to the client, keeping bandwidth usage to a minimum. At the same time, mod authors (or cheaters) cannot hack the client-server code. That will hopefully eliminate auto-aim proxies and zbots.

Carmack at QuakeCon

3D Action Planet has an article up covering John Carmack's talk at QuakeCon. He talks about how Q3 differs architecturally from Q1 and Q2, steps he's taking to counteract cheating, and porting mods. One important item for Q3Test addicts is that there will be no new maps released until the full version is out.

The article is a little bit on the technical side (fifth-grade drop-outs need not apply). All told they did a good job of "translating" Carmack into real human speech. The man is a programming genius.

Also of note in the article is that there will be the following game play modes in Q3: FFA, 1v1, teamplay, CTF. Id seems content to let the mod community do the rest (and have gone to great lengths to make Q3 mod-friendly). Also there is strong sentiment in the Id offices for making Doom 2000 their next project . . .

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