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Sunday, August 15, 1999

Q3T Master issue?

I've noticed a serious decline in the number of players on the EZ-Net Quake3 game server, and was wondering what the issue was. Today I got an interesting message in my Quake3Server mailing list indicating the the id Master server is no longer returning server listings. Hmmmm.... Mayhaps the final is coming really soon now?!?

Shogo Skins and Level

Some folks are working on new skins and ways to use them for Shogo. Corpse released three new skins: Sithjuro, Evil, and Corpse [screenshot]. Spudnewt released a new skin called g0thjuro [screenshot #1, screenshot #2].

Katanan has released version two of his Micromachines level. [screenshot]. Grab the level, be like Steve Martin, and get small!

Thanks to DooBall at PlanetShogo for the heads-up.

Hun-Speak, Vol. 1

It's a slow news day, so I thought I'd create my own news. Check out my first ever Hun-Speak column entitled Are We Having Fun Yet? Check it out!

DVD News

From the Digital Bits: News of several upcoming DVD releases:

New Blue Look

For those who read us first (well, I can dream can't I?!?) Blue's News seems to be experimenting with a new look. I think it may just be too cluttering of the page top, but hey, it's his site :-)

A.T. adds: It's a little different now than it was when you wrote this. Looks better, methinks.

Saturday, August 14, 1999

New Old Married Guy [RIP]!

The Old Married Guys [RIP], my Shogo MAD (aka clan), wish to welcome J into their illustrious, albeit somewhat decrepit, ranks. Join us on the EZ-Net Shogo server some time! The server is running the BloodBath 6 mod and the Shogo Six-Pack levels.

Unreal 2.26 Patch / UT Demo

I saw this little bit of information at PlanetUnreal from Epic's Tim Sweeney:
Yes, there will be another Unreal 1 patch, with the latest Direct3D code (big improvements), network code and server performance improvements. I don't have a date though...we're going through a lot of testing/tweaking on UT now. The Unreal 1 patch might be synch'ed up with the UT demo.
This means two things: 1) an Unreal Tournament demo is probably not too terribly far away (barring major bugs anyway), and 2) hopefully D3D perfomance will get to the point that Unreal/Unreal Tourney is playable on something other than a dual Athlon system.

The Master comments: Don't you mean a 10-cluster Cray on a fibre backbone AT?!?

Using Q3Test's Game Browser

id's Graeme Devine updated his .plan, telling how to search for Q3Test servers running certain game types (teamplay, free-for-all, etc.):
BTW. You can search for Q3A Internet Servers using the keywords "ffa", "tourney", "deathmatch", "team" and "tournament" in the Internet game browser screen to only show specific types of maps.
Thanks Graeme, now get Q3A out the door!

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