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Wednesday, September 8, 1999

Shogo: The Next Level

There's a new Shogo site out there called Shogo: The Next Level. It is dedicated to mods, maps, and skins for Shogo. Check it out!

Recovering . . .

Well, I had to reinstall Win98 again today. Don't ask. I'm slowly getting everything reinstalled. ICQ is flaking out, not sure if it's a network problem or what the deal is. I played the NHL 2K demo once. It seems really cool, but I'll need to play a bunch more before I can comment further (aw, shucks).

Nuclear meltdown?

Read this article on Yahoo! on the Y2K certification process for US Nuclear reactors. Um. I REALLY hope that we haven't computerized the reactors that much. I mean, what would happen if the damn power failed and a manual system didn't exist? I mean-please. Nobody in their right mind automates a damn BOMB so the computer has sole discretionary control. I think people get a bit too worked up about this stuff.

Those plants are gonna be READY for Y2K no matter what-most of the people who work in them live in the lethal blast radius :-)

Quake3 is TOO pretty?!?

Okay, this just blows my mind. Read this article on Quake3, and the "split" in the Quake community over it's look compared to QW/Q2. Now, don't get me wrong here, but if id made Q3, well, Q2, what would the point really be?

The reality is Q3 is designed to be a fast shoot-that-other-guy game. Things are bright and colorful-why? Because the human eye easily and rapidly deals with those kinds of objects. If everything blended together you'd have the same idiocy like QW where a dude with a brown skin can't been seen unless you're on top of him. And WHY would you want a Q2 deathmatch game? Personally I thought Q2 SUCKED multiplayer. Too slow. Q3 is just right :-) If you want QW or Q2-PLAY them. Don't buy Q3. I don't care. And neither will id in the long run.

Ya know-I never really took up Q2 deathmatch. Mainly because of zbot, but also because I like a fast game. I still play QuakeWorld Requiem (see the requiem page here) but I LOVE Q3. Q3 is finally a fast enough game to make me switch.

NHL 2000 Demo Released!

Last night at about 8:30 Central, EA Sports released the demo for NHL 2000. It's a pretty big one, weighing in at 42.1M. The good news is that it has full music and full commentary (unlike the Madden 2K demo). You can download it from here or here (both EA FTP servers). I'll try to whip up a review tonight if I get a chance.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Shogo gets another gasp of air?

Saw that Be and Monolith have announced a port of Shogo to BeOS to be released later this year. Here's the press release.

What, A.T., sleeping on the switch?!?

A.T. responds: Nope, was at my homebrew club meeting!

The Master replies: Heh-your other passion :-) (the other pale ale?) OH! BOO HISS BAD MASTER, BAD!

NHL 2000 Demo Today!

I just saw on NHL 2000 Online that the NHL 2000 Demo will be released later today! Stay tuned for further updates. New Layout

OK, so it's not gaming or computer-related necessarily, but I visit ESPN's site all the time. They unvieled a sweet new look today, no doubt in honor of their 20th anniversary as a network. Check them out for all your sports needs!

Carmack interview

There is a John Carmack interview on the IMG page. Interesting info from JC's viewpoint on the G4 and Macs in general. Check it. Thanks Blue.

Interview at Unrealism

Unrealism has a report on the Unreal Tourney Press Party (Do The Master and I ever get invited to things like this? Nooooooo). Included is a brief interview with Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart.
Q: What are the chances of a demo being released?
A: The demo will be released and before the game ships, it'll be more of a test to crack down on any final bugs we may have missed. Expect it very soon.

Q: How soon?
(Answer was off the record sorry)
It sounds like they're going to do a UTTest, a la Q3Test. Makes sense. Of course we all know that "very soon" can be any time between now and when Hell freezes over. And why, if the response is given off the record, would you even bother to mention it?

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