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Sunday, September 12, 1999

NHL 2000 Micro-Review

I won't get into much detail here, I'm going to buy the full version and do a review on that. Basically the graphics and sound are amazing. EA's NHL series has always been the best in that regard. Now, however, the gameplay has really improved. The goalies are no longer virtual brick walls. You can score (although you won't necessarily score) from just about any place inside the blue line. Shots on an empty net don't automatically go in for the computer. Your defensemen can actually score from the blue line. It's much tougher to get in a fight (it seemed like I got in a fight every time I played the NHL '99 demo). So far, it seems like the best version of the renouned EA NHL series. Highly recommended.

Download the demo and see for yourself!

To get automatic line changes in the demo (otherwise you are stuck playing with only one line), start a game without choosing a side. Once the game actually starts (the national anthem is sung, etc.), hit ESC and go to the CONTROLLERS menu. Then move your controller to whichever team you want to play! Then you can either use F1-F4 to pick the line you want to use, or let the computer make the changes for you. (Thanks NHL 2000 Online for that tip.)

UT Demo Size

I just saw on UTCenter.Com that, according to Tim Sweeny at Epic, the UT Demo will be about a 50 meg download. Make sure to super-cool them modems!

Slow day

Well, it's been a mega-slow news day. Only thing I saw was a blurb on SlashDot on a possible telnet port built into the Sega DreamCast. However, that appears to be a hoax-so no dice.

Well, at least the Packers won in the last 20 seconds of the game. (A.T. adds) as did this Lions! Booyah! Now if they can beat the Pack under the artificial sky of the Silverdome next week . . .

Saturday, September 11, 1999

More on the UT Demo

Blue posted some more information on the forthcoming UT Demo from the aforementioned thread on the GT Forums:
The demo/test will have 4 or 5 maps. The plan right now (it is still subject to change) is 3 deathmatch maps, 1 Domination map and one Capture The Flag map. Of course there will be bots and a single player ladder (albeit shortened to the 4/5 levels that come with the demo).
I had to put this next quote in too. It was from someone in the Unreal community. I thought it was a riot, and it shows a decent vocabulary (a novelty on the web it seems).
Do I need to remind anyone here how long an Epic "week" is? Maybe they should change the name from Epic to "Epoch". ;)


Hey "webmasters", check your sites using Netscape too! I can't tell you how many sites display incorrectly or not at all in Netscape simply because the webmasters never bothered to check. 99 times out of 100, when I check their code the source of the problem is not one of the vaunted "different interpretations" of HTML between IE and Netscape, but plain, old, crappy code. Table tags opened but never closed. Entire tables with nothing in them. I even saw one site with three BODY tags! Here's an idea, check out HTML Jalfrezi and find out how HTML should be written.

UT Demo Next Week?

Thus spake Mark Rein (Epic's PR dude) on the GT Forums this morning:
Next week (and again the week after) we'll be releasing a demo/test version that will help us find and shake out some of the last few bugs in the game. Once we see what users report then we'll have a much clearer picture of when the game will be ready.
This is in response to someone complaining about UT not being out yet. He sounded like an addict begging for a hit. Hey, folks, it's just a game. How 'bout getting a life? Thanks Blue's.

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