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Sunday, September 19, 1999

Voodoo4 in 2000?

I saw on the Shack today that the Voodoo4 may not make it to market in Q4. That would not bode well for them, since NVIDIA's next chip would most likely be announced following right up on its heels.

NHL 2K at Best Buy

I saw in the Best Buy flier that they have NHL 2000 for the PC for $29.99 this week. Get 'em while they're hot! No affiliation, yadda, yadda.

Full UT Demo

It looks like the full UT demo (D3D and OpenGL-compatible) will be released around the end of this week, depending on when M$ gets the DirectX7 stuff uploaded. Personally, I'm not thrilled with the prospect of having to use DX7 to play, but if it gives the performance boost that the Epic people are saying it does, it may be worth it.

One thing that I did not realize is that the current demo does not support 3D sound acceleration. The full demo will support A3D and EAX. I didn't think the demo sounded like it was using my SB Live! at all.

I fired up a 2v2 game of CTF last night (just me and three bots). It was a lot of fun, but the map is too big for 2v2. If my headache goes away, I may try it 3v3 or 4v4 later. One problem with the Unified drivers and the demo is that the CTF skins seem to "flicker" the opposite color sometimes. It wasn't that hard to figure out in 2v2 but it might be with bigger groups.

Oh, and as a sidelight to the Packer fans amongst whom I must live--how 'bout them Lions?

The Master comments: They suck :-) But, to be honest, I think they have a team this year. And they SHOWED UP TO PLAY today. Unlike the Pack, who seem to be quite good at the not-showing-up gig. Grrr..

Saturday, September 18, 1999

More on UT with Unified

I've played the UT demo a little bit more. There are some other graphic problems with the Unified drivers. For example, on some of the weapon fire a flashing box appears around it. All in all, the graphic problems are surprisingly minor and the game runs at an acceptable framerate. I've going to toy with it some more and see what happens. So far, I must admit, I like it. Now I just have to learn the maps and the weapons better.

It Works!

OK, it's late, I'm stupid, I should be in bed. I just wanted to report that my UT Demo download finished about 1/2 hour ago. To my surprise, the Unified driver (version 1.20, the latest version) runs the Glide-only demo pretty nicely! At 640x480 with the default settings I was getting an average framerate of 28 at 640x480 with high settings. There were some weird texture errors, but I was very amazed that it ran as well as it did. Once I figure out if there's some demos in this thing to timedemo (and how to do it) I'll report back. Bedtime for now.

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