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Thursday, September 23, 1999

A Little Too Ironic?

Is there anyone besides me who wonders about a game called Final Fantasy VIII? OK, this is REALLY the last fantasy. Honest.

Doncha think? It's like rAAAAAIIIIaaaaiiIIIIiiin, on your.... *SLAP* sorry-didn't mean to explode there. We now return you to your regularly scheduled madness

Shogo Amiga Port

Shogo news . . . go fig! I saw on PlanetShogo that Amiga Extreme has an interview with Hyperion Software regarding their port of Shogo to the Amiga. Among the tidbits of information is the news that all custom maps will work fine, but mods will need to be recompiled to work with the Amiga. How much of a pain that will be remains to be seen.

DirectX 7 Testing

I've tested the new DirectX 7 with NHL 2000, Jedi Knight, Shogo, the UT Demo (I believe the Unified driver "translates" the Glide stuff into D3D calls). So far everything works fine. I haven't noticed any major speed-ups, but then again JK maxes out the refresh rate of my monitor, so you could hardly expect a speed-up there :)

Q3Test 1.09 News

sCary fired off an email to id's Graeme Devine for some information about the changes in the forthcoming Q3Test release. No word on when the next test should be out, but it doesn't sound like we should expect it this month.

UT Full Demo Status

The full Unreal Tourney demo (with D3D and OpenGL support) is in "final testing", according to the Unreal Technology page. So make sure to grab DirectX 7, drum your fingers on your keyboard, and mutter quietly to yourself while you wait for the demo to come out.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

UT Demo Stuff

I've been playing CTF with five bots (3v3) in UT and I must say that it's an aweful lot of fun. I'm slowly cranking up the bots' intelligence as I get more accustomed to the weapons. Beware my 133t skillz :)

I haven't bothered to play online yet because I felt that running the demo with the Unified drivers would add too much system weirdness to give the netcode a fair shake. Once the full demo is out, I'm going to test it online and see how it goes. I will give UT this, I've played the demo a lot more than I ever played the Unreal demo that came with my SB Live!

DirectX 7 released

Well, DirectX 7 has been released on the MicroSoft DirectX Home. Download now, since Unreal Tournament shouldn't be far behind :-)

A.T. adds: It's a better than six meg download, so pack a lunch (since M$'s mirror sights tend to be soooo fast). Hopefully this will not cause any of my other DirectX games to barf (NHL 2000, Shogo, XWing Alliance, SW: Racer).

Okay, who's the wiseguy with the backhoe?!?

I was offline most of the night last night since my ISP's T3 seemed to take a serious muck-sucking dive last night. I'm playing with a couple of things programming-wise on this site. I intend to port this whole site to a new codebase as soon as I can find some free time to get the coding finished. (free time? What's that?!?)

In other news, I FINALLY found a free explorer extension for .mp3 id3 tag editing. As soon as I can get the binaries uploaded I'll add a link to the whole package.

Fill Rate vs. T&L

Today Voodoo Extreme asks several game developers this musical question:
Right now (or within the next month or two, I'm talking very near future), what do you see as being more important: A card with an EXTREMELY high fill rate and full screen anti-aliasing but with no T&L, or a card with good fill rate (not outstanding, but better than current cards) with T&L? Yep, this is almost a Voodoo4 (based on rumor/speculation) vs. GeForce 256 question, but I'm trying to avoid being that direct :) So, in an attempt to avoid a V4 vs. GeForce 256 (and/or Savage2k) war, I'm just being vague, and asking a "T&L vs. high fill rate" question.
The responses are very telling. About every developer said that T&L (transform and lighting) is more important. Mike Dussalt of Monolith made the observation that on-board T&L helps overcome the PC's biggest bottleneck, the bus.

The disadvantage of a GeForce (or Savage 2000) card is that it will not scale up as well with a faster processor as the Voodoo 4 will (assuming it ever comes out). This is a great advantage for those of us on a budget, in that slapping a T&L card in our current machines will extend their life significantly.

The Master comments: And WHO really cares about the card scaling? That whole argument is a sign that your software T&L pipe has issues, especially 3dfx, since they're the one card that gets the most benefits from higher processor speeds. Bah, I still say T&L is a LOT more important than fillrate, espcially now with pretty solid fillrates but polygon render limits because of the AGP/PCI bus.

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