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Thursday, October 7, 1999

Forbes on id Software

Interesting Forbes article on id software. Good, tho meager read. Check it out. My favorite section? Here ya go:
Carmack and his partners have had myriad offers from outsiders to invest in the company or buy it outright. Id has spurned them all. Says Carmack: "I make several million dollars a year. I own several Ferraris. I don't need $40 million in the bank if it means I have someone else telling me what to do."
Man, I wanna make "several million dollors a year" :-)

3dfx CEO Ballard resigns

There's an announcement on Yahoo! indicating that L. Gregory Ballard, CEO of 3dfx, has resigned from 3dfx. Wow. Somebody better get in there and kick those techies in the butt, 'cause 3dfx needs to catch up with the competition REAL SOON.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Morbid .plan update

Jack "Morbid" Mathews updated HIS .plan today, as a followup to a .plan update by Rick Johnson, which indicates that Raven's games (not even Q3A engine games) will NOT support Apple Mac, since Apple is not returning emails or requests for hardware for Raven to develop and test on. Not nice Apple. Shooting yourselves in the head when you finally got you, ahem, *stuff* together isn't such a hot idea. Especially since GAMES are what sell the HIGH END MACHINES YOU IDIOTS!

GreenMarine .plan update

Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart updated his .plan today with some cool info on Unreal Tournament. The relic system for UT sounds really cool, check it out:
I'm working on a rune style system for UT. Instead of "runes" I'm calling them Relics. Anyone working on runes for UT will probably want to hold up and wait until the Relic system is ready. It'll allow mod authors to quickly make new types of Relics that server admins can download and add to their games. I'll have a set of guidelines for writing new Relics. The Relics may not ship with UT since they'll need a good bit of testing for balancing. Relics will be the "official" method of adding runes to maps and can be added to any gametype (DeathMatch, CTF, etc).

Carmack .plan Update

John Carmack updated his Q3A worklog in his .plan again today. Here's the skinny:

Catching up

Well, I've been gone to the ScanTech convention in Chicago for work (interesting as always, but really, what's new in scanner/barcode technology anyways?). At least it's been a slow two days!

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