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Friday, October 8, 1999

New Shogo TC

There are plans afoot for a new Shogo Total Conversion based on an animé series called Gunsmith Cats. The leader, Trippin, is looking for coders, modelers, skinners, and "any other 'ers". You can get the full scoop here. Is it just me, or are there as many modders for Shogo as there are players?

More Carmack .plan Goodness

John Carmack once again updated his .plan with his latest worklog, including new stuff for bots and such. Maybe if I keep reading these updates, I'll eventually understand what it all means.

The Master comments: Heck, A.T., that was an EASY one to understand! You remember some of those completely techie ones with talk of 3d textures and stuff? Now THOSE were completely inpenetrable.

Not Dead Yet!

Sorry about the lack of updates. The Master had a conference right when I went on vacation. My inlaws' Internet access makes updating, um, tedious (gotta love the web at 640x480x8 with a 14.4 modem). I'll try to catch up as I can, but I won't be back until Monday.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

Forbes on id Software

Interesting Forbes article on id software. Good, tho meager read. Check it out. My favorite section? Here ya go:
Carmack and his partners have had myriad offers from outsiders to invest in the company or buy it outright. Id has spurned them all. Says Carmack: "I make several million dollars a year. I own several Ferraris. I don't need $40 million in the bank if it means I have someone else telling me what to do."
Man, I wanna make "several million dollors a year" :-)

3dfx CEO Ballard resigns

There's an announcement on Yahoo! indicating that L. Gregory Ballard, CEO of 3dfx, has resigned from 3dfx. Wow. Somebody better get in there and kick those techies in the butt, 'cause 3dfx needs to catch up with the competition REAL SOON.

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