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Thursday, October 14, 1999

Carmack's .plan

John Carmack updated his plan with more mind-bending Q3A goodness.

The Master comments: Yeah, and it's another "bug-fix" one. I love those. So much better than "I decided to rewrite the whole engine today, cause the old one sux" :-)

Killer Loop

Billy posted some screenshots and information on an upcoming futuristic racing game called Killer Loop. I'm a sucker for futuristic racing games. If nothing else, the screenshots sure look pretty. The shots and info are on Billy's news page. From the screenshots, the game looks very similar to the Wipeout series from Psygnosis.

UT Memory Leak?

Billy at VE complained yesterday about a memory leak on his non-dedicated UT server (causing the swap file to balloon to a gigabyte). Here's what he found:
I think we've located where the memory leak was coming from "VE/Wicked's a camping bastard" UT server...a suggestion from one of the lads at 3D Audio Immersion (Steve) to turn "Use3DHardware" off (under advanced/audio -- reference Vortex2 board w/ latest drivers), and the swap file has remained at a very reasonable 128 or so megs (compared to the nearly 1 gigabyte from running it for the same amount of time yesterday, and days prior, where it consistently grew to nearly 1 gigabyte after 6+ hours of solid running time).
So far, UT's 3D audio support seems to be a bit buggy. If you are having problems with a memory leak, try turning it off!

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Grapple Commentary

Essobie has a commentary up on PlanetQuake called CTF != The Grappling Hook. In it, he gives some compelling reasons for id not to include the grapple in Q3A's CTF. Definitely worth a read.

Mark Rein on Q3A vs. UT

In the Gamesmania UT interview, Epic's Mark Rein made one of the first sane comments I've heard about the whole Q3A vs. UT argument. Some people with too much time on their hands insist on arguing the merits of one or the other until they are blue in the face. Here's what Mark had to say:
I think they're both great games and both titles will make valuable contributions to any action gamers' library. Look at your video tape or DVD library. If you're into buying action movies and two great ones came out in the same year you probably bought both. We think it's similar with games.
I'll never understand why people who like one game feel the need to bash another similar game. Insecurity? Insanity? Not enough fresh fruit in their diet? If you like a game, play it. If not, don't. Is that so hard?

Justin Frankel .plan update

Justin Frankel, lead programmer of Winamp, updated his .plan yesterday with some interesting stuff on the new version of Winamp, and some interesting observations on things that he put into Winamp because of the market, not because he thought they were good or useful.

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