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Friday, October 15, 1999

Legacy of the Fallen Goods

Nova at PlanetShogo has set up a section containing all the materials released from the ill-fated Shogo add-on, The Legacy of the Fallen. There's some good stuff to be had there, and you no longer have to wade through Anarchy Arts' website to get it.

OK, now I'm annoyed again. I can't help but think how cool a Shogo add-on would be. I'd really like to play more single-player levels. People in the Shogo community talked about doing sp stuff, but sadly there's not much community left anymore.

NHL 2K Patch

NHL 2000 Online is reporting that the patch for EA Sports' NHL 2000 will be released on Monday or Tuesday. This patch will fix some of the AI bugs and other little problems. A roster update should be forthcoming as well. Now if I can get them to come add some all-time great teams to the list. I'd love to play as Gordie Howe or Maurice Richard.

A word of warning to Netscape users, NHL 2000 Online looks like garbage in Netscape. They do some cool things with tables that look fine in IE, but don't quite translate. Someday the browsers will work alike (yeah, right). Regardless, NHL 2000 Online is still the best site for NHL 2K news.

Slashdot and John Carmack

As promised, Slashdot has posted their interview with John Carmack, id's programming guru. All the questions were submitted by Slashdot readers. Make sure to check it out!

New Look?

With a bit of redesigning from me and some recoding from The Master, we have given The Haus news page and archives page a facelift. Now all the headlines, finger info, and other news sites updates (a very handy new feature, IMO) are all on the right side of the screen. The archives page should load faster by formatting with definition lists instead of tables. If you have any (constructive) comments, be sure to email them to The Master or me. Enjoy!

More on T&L vs. Fill-Rate

Voodoo Extreme updated their transform and lighting vs. fill-rate feature, adding comments from Valve's Jay Stelly. Like the vast majority of people questioned, Stelly feels that adding T&L capabilities to a video card is far more important than ridiculously high fill-rates.

Note to 3dfx: your card is not only late but will not include the feature most developers crave the most. We've already seen the GeForce, now it'll be interesting to see what the Savage 2000 turns out like. The specs on the latter look great. We'll see what the heat situation is like and how good the drivers are.

I82 Preview

The Adrenaline Vault has posted a preview of Interstate '82, Activision's long-awaited follow up to Interstate '76. According to the article, I82 should actually see the light of day by November. Thanks Blue.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

Carmack's .plan

John Carmack updated his plan with more mind-bending Q3A goodness.

The Master comments: Yeah, and it's another "bug-fix" one. I love those. So much better than "I decided to rewrite the whole engine today, cause the old one sux" :-)

Killer Loop

Billy posted some screenshots and information on an upcoming futuristic racing game called Killer Loop. I'm a sucker for futuristic racing games. If nothing else, the screenshots sure look pretty. The shots and info are on Billy's news page. From the screenshots, the game looks very similar to the Wipeout series from Psygnosis.

UT Memory Leak?

Billy at VE complained yesterday about a memory leak on his non-dedicated UT server (causing the swap file to balloon to a gigabyte). Here's what he found:
I think we've located where the memory leak was coming from "VE/Wicked's a camping bastard" UT server...a suggestion from one of the lads at 3D Audio Immersion (Steve) to turn "Use3DHardware" off (under advanced/audio -- reference Vortex2 board w/ latest drivers), and the swap file has remained at a very reasonable 128 or so megs (compared to the nearly 1 gigabyte from running it for the same amount of time yesterday, and days prior, where it consistently grew to nearly 1 gigabyte after 6+ hours of solid running time).
So far, UT's 3D audio support seems to be a bit buggy. If you are having problems with a memory leak, try turning it off!

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