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Monday, October 18, 1999

Mozilla News

There's a couple new interesting articles on Netscape's Mozilla open-source cross-platform browser project. The first is a review of the latest Mozilla build and the second is a rant about the bashing that Mozilla has received from the press. I hope that Mozilla turns out to be everything it's cracked up to be. I'd love a better Netscape. Now if I could only nuke IE from my system forever. Naturally, I saw this stuff on Slashdot (where else?).

Independence Day DVD

Saw over on The Digital Bits that Independence Day ID4 will be released soon on DVD in anamorphic widescreen, which is awesome news. I can't wait for this movie in DVD. Course, that means I need to get my stereo upgraded to properly rattle the walls and stuff. Bummer...

Planetquake Paul Steed interview

Saw this Planetquake interview with Paul Steed today on PQ. Okay, now this does have a little tiny bit of real info in it, especially about how Steed would love to use the skeletal animation system, but can't at this late point in the game. Otherwise, this is nothing more than 'leet Hax0r r0x0rness from the typical PQ/GameSpy staff. (And please note, that was sarcasm. Thank you.)

A.T. adds: Now all we need is the Q3A bus to come to Northern Wisconsin. Yeah. That's it.

Sunday, October 17, 1999

Carmack .plan-Q3A FINAL DEMO!

John Carmack updated his .plan once again. Lots of cool stuff, including the fact that the next release of Q3A is the FINAL DEMO! YES! Here's a quote:
The next release will be the full "demo" release for quake 3. It will include bots and a new, simple level that is suitable for complete beginners to play, as well as the existing q3test maps.

The timing just didn't work out right for another test before we complete the game.

We plan on releasing the demo after code freeze, when the entire game is in final testing, which will give us a few days time to fix any last minute problems that show up before golden master.

DRAM Duties

The good folks at Ars Technica pointed me to this article reporting that the U.S. Commerce Department is slamming the Taiwanese DRAM manufacturers with up to 69% duties. All this stems from a "dumping" complaint filed by our good friends at Micron. Apparently they don't have the time to get out a new Rendition graphics card, but they have plenty of time for legal maneuvering. The long and the short? DRAM prices are going to stay up for the forseeable future. So much for cheap memory.

The Master comments: Thank you Micron. You've made it impossible for me to add memory to my machine. I'd send another string of nasty words, but what's the point when it's corporate greed involved in the whole issue? Greed always wins. Always. Grrrr.....

Tom Hall and Anachronox

Tom Hall did a .plan update (unfortunatly it hasn't shown up in Webdog yet, I'll fix the link when it does) talking about his chess game (which he won) and Anachronox. I'm looking forward to Anox. I think it'll be an excellent adventure game. Tom is a very careful game designer, and I think he's got something special in the works.

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