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Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Ryan's Room Has Moved

Since Ryan "Joltox" Greene no longer will be updating his Ryan's Room column, I have moved all his old columns back to my Haus of Shogo for permanent archiving. You can get to his columns directly here.

SBLive! Live!Ware 3.0 Downloads

At long last the Live!Ware 3.0 downloads are available. The good: they wised up and have them available on an FTP site. The bad: the FTP server has a 50 user maximum. Doh! I may be ordering that CD after all . . .

NHL 2000 Patch Status

Here's a blurb I saw on NHL 2000 Online regarding the patch for EA Sports' NHL 2000:
They are hoping to have it out today but that is not 100%. Here is a quote from the Producer; "Sorry for the delays, but we did not want to rush it out, and just have more problems occur, we wanted to make sure the fixes were good, did not create other problems, and we were dealing with the issues that affected most of the fans of our games."
I just checked EA's FTP server and it's not up there yet. Hopefully soon . . .

CL Annihilator on Thursday?

Many, many websites are reporting that Creative Labs will begin shipping their NVIDIA GeForce-based Annihilator graphics cards on Thursday. Check your favorite shopping website or computer megastore for the goods!

Mac Half-Life Now No-Life

Blue's News is reporting that the port of Half-Life to the Macintosh has been cancelled, citing compatibility issues that just could not be worked out while still keeping the product economically viable. Here's a taste, from Valve's Gabe Newell:
However, as we got closer to shipping the product and reality set in, it was increasingly obvious that in order for us to break even on the Mac version, much less be profitable, we were going to have to cut some corners. OK - I guess we won't have Team Fortress Classic available at shipment. Maybe people will accept it if we update them with TFC later. OK - I guess I understand why we don't have an automatic update facility. Maybe people will accept that they have to manually update. OK - I guess I understand why we might carve out a separate multiplayer space for Mac users from PC users because of the on-going interoperability issues. Maybe that won't be the disaster I think it will be. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt that this was nonsense.
Check out the rest by clicking on the link above.

Unix Unreal Tournament

Epic's Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart updated his .plan with some good news for all you Unix afficionados. Here's a snip:
And guess what? Are you guessing? UT for Linux will be on the retail CD. The installer will be on the first CD's root directory with a nice fat README on how to get it working.
I think GreenMarine wins the "learn Unix in 30 seconds" award :)

Monday, October 18, 1999

Mozilla News

There's a couple new interesting articles on Netscape's Mozilla open-source cross-platform browser project. The first is a review of the latest Mozilla build and the second is a rant about the bashing that Mozilla has received from the press. I hope that Mozilla turns out to be everything it's cracked up to be. I'd love a better Netscape. Now if I could only nuke IE from my system forever. Naturally, I saw this stuff on Slashdot (where else?).

Independence Day DVD

Saw over on The Digital Bits that Independence Day ID4 will be released soon on DVD in anamorphic widescreen, which is awesome news. I can't wait for this movie in DVD. Course, that means I need to get my stereo upgraded to properly rattle the walls and stuff. Bummer...

Planetquake Paul Steed interview

Saw this Planetquake interview with Paul Steed today on PQ. Okay, now this does have a little tiny bit of real info in it, especially about how Steed would love to use the skeletal animation system, but can't at this late point in the game. Otherwise, this is nothing more than 'leet Hax0r r0x0rness from the typical PQ/GameSpy staff. (And please note, that was sarcasm. Thank you.)

A.T. adds: Now all we need is the Q3A bus to come to Northern Wisconsin. Yeah. That's it.

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