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Friday, October 22, 1999

Nerf Arenablast Demo

Blue's News is reporting that there is a demo out for the non-violent first-person shooter, Nerf Arenablast. It looks cool and different. I'm downloading it to see if it really is . . .

Carmack interview

Very interesting excerpt of an interview with John Carmack over on incitegames. Saw this on Blue's.

Now, I have a lot of respect for J.C. But, WOW is that first page hard on his other programmers.

T&L .plan updates

Several VERY informative .plan updates from John Scott and Jake Simpson of Raven. The two from Jake "The Gent" are here and here. The update from John Scott is here. Check these out. They discuss all the tradeoffs and issues in T&L in video cards, focusing on the GeForce256 example. Good stuff. Jake in particular is a quite savvy programmer (I've chatted with him quite often via email) and really knows his stuff.

New Ask Hook

Billy and the boyz at VE have updated their Ask Hook column. The "Hook" is Brian Hook, formerly of id, currently of Verant. This Q&A deals with the importance of AI in first-person shooters, especially now with the emphasis on bots.

Update: The new Ask Hook isn't up yet, probably do to some flakiness with their new server or all the DNS servers aren't pointing in the right place. Stay tuned. Yes, I know I shouldn't post things sight-unseen, but the Ask Hook columns are usually very cool.

Update #2: Just checked, it's up now. Go. Read. Enjoy.

New TNT/TNT2 Drivers

NVIDIA has released the 3.53 (quite some jump from 2.08) drivers for the TNT/TNT2. You can snag them here. I'll be downloading them and seeing what happens (if anything). The file date is the 19th, but at that time they were supposedly GeForce-only. Weird.

The good folks at Riva3D are reporting speed-ups with these new drivers. Unfortunately, Epic is still reporting that the drivers are locking up 16-20M of system memory for some reason (thus the problem with TNT users with 64M system RAM still exists).

UT Bugs

The UT Demo - Known Bugs page has been updated a couple of times since the demo has been released with new bugs or old favorites still cropping up. Thanks Blue.

Thursday, October 21, 1999

NHL 2000 Patch Status

I just saw on NHL 2000 Online that EA Sports has delayed the release of the patch for NHL 2000 until the end of October. An "official" source had said that it would be out on the 19th, but apparently they changed their minds.

Off Topic: Sports News

My beloved Detroit Red Wings reminded the San José Sharks that they've got a long ways to go before they can get into the NHL's Western Conference elite. The Wings handed them a 6-3 drubbing at the Joe last night. Remember, hockey fans, the road to the Stanley Cup still goes through Motown!

Blech, another Yankees vs. Braves world series. Just when I thought I couldn't care less about baseball, it turns out I can!

Pardon me, Dell, where's my memory?

You know, I used to love Dell Computer Corporation. Bought my first two PCs from them. Just called them to ask where my 512meg of RAM for my work system was. They canceled it. I can't get it. Tough. Not even an apology for the order cancel or the quandry they just put me in. That kind of service sucks. Thank you, Dell.

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