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Tuesday, October 26, 1999

NVIDIA 2.08 vs. 3.53

Well, I had been using the new NVIDIA 3.53 with my TNT recently, but I switched back to the 2.08 tonight. I tried to run NHL 2000, and it was terrible. My framerate was miserable (I'm guessing about 10 fps). After I went back to the 2.08 drivers, everything was fine.

I've heard a number of pro-NVIDIA websites saying that the new drivers give all kinds of problems with D3D. Oddly enough, the 3.53 drivers worked fine with Unreal Tournament for me. They also worked fine, albeit slightly slower, in OpenGL for me.

NHL 2000 Roster Update

EA Sports has released the roster update for NHL 2000 on their NHL 2000 Downloads page. If you can't get through to their FTP server, NHL 2000 Online has it mirrored here.

CliffyB Interview

RPOV has posted an interview with Epic's Cliff Blezinski about his work on Unreal Tournament. Thanks Blue.

AMD/Intel Commentary

Okay, I've seen about 10 million reviews of the new Intel Coppermine P3 chips, and the incredible Mhz ratings (800. 800?!?). Now, what boggles my mind is they were REAL slow to release these until AMD showed up at the party with the Athlon. And now Intel feels threatened. Ya know, Intel, maybe you should ALLOW YOUR COMPETITION TO BREATH!!! THE SHERMAN ACT CAN BE APPLIED TO YOU TOO!

And to Microsoft: What's wrong with being 5 little MicroSofts? So, you'll be 5 MONOPOLIES INSTEAD OF ONE! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?!?

Okay, I feel a little better now. Personally, I do like a lot of M$'s products. And Intel's. But they have to realize that being the king in this industry means you have to let the competition wiggle a little, or else the US government will kill you. IBM paid the price of monopoly in the 50's. Not worth the struggle if you ask me.

Monday, October 25, 1999

Wheel of Time Gold

I should have posted this when I got my finger update from PlanetQuake, but it's been confirmed that Legend Entertainment's Wheel of Time has gone gold. This is an exciting release, based on Robert Jordan's series of the same name. From what I've heard/seen, it's going to be an awesome adventure-type game. interviews Paul Ayscough

There's an interview with Paul Ayscough, Director of Marketing at S3, on Interesting read, but mainly marketing fluff. I'm pumped about this card. On paper, it should wup up on the GeForce. Which is a good thing for competition, and good for us hardcore gamers :-)

Beta Webdog version 1050

Well, Richard Smith has released a beta version 1050 of Webdog for your edification. Check it, and let Richard know if there's any problems.

They're HEeeeerrrreee....

We're back after a serious stint of downtime. Upstream ISP decided to go and die on us. Sorry about that :-( As sCary likes to say, we'll get the perpetrators killed immediately :O Well, I've always said there really are gremlins...

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