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Thursday, November 25, 1999

Annihilator Production

Redwood pointed me to this news blurb on 3D Spotlight regarding the production of Creative Labs' GeForce-based Annihilator video cards. Here's the news:
It is true that at the moment we are not making SDR Annihilators but have shifted production to the DDR (Pro) cards. That doesn't mean there will be no more SDR cards made. Nor does it mean that stores will not get any more. We have not made the SDR Annihilator product EOL (End of Life). EOL would mean it would be history with no more to be made again.
Looks like Creative wants to make sure that there are plenty of DDR boards out there. Drooling yet? I know I am!

ToddH on Q3A Linux

id's CEO, Todd Hollenshead, updated his .plan with good news for Linux users. Here's the poop:
Great news for Linux users: I just received word that the Linux version of Q3A *will* use the limited edition tin box that everyone has been clamoring for. We should have an announcement on Monday with the expected availability date.

Diakatana gold this week?

The Shack has a rumor posted in yesterday's news that Daikatana (remember Daikatana??) may be going gold within the week. Heh. When hell freezes over it is :-)

Gamesvoice scored some screenshots as well. Thanks sCary.

New Gamespy

Gamespy Industries has released a new version of their uber-game-browser, Gamespy. I've been a registered user since early in Gamespy's development, and it is a nice way to browse any of the major online games. And a decent price, too :-)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Haus readers! Both me and A.T. will have tenuous ties to the internet for the next couple of days, so please bear with us. We will be updating the page, but not with the usual regularity. With an expected newer Q3ADemo release, things could get interesting.

A.T. adds: "me and A.T."?!? Obviously The Master is a computer guy and not an English major :) Anyway, I'll be checking in from time to time on my sister's Prodigy connection (which is hella slow, may I add). Looks like things will be pretty slow though.

The Master retorts: Yeah, yeah, A.T. and I. I knew I blew it when I typed it-I was in a hurry, alright?!? :-)

Webdog on Hold?

According to the frontpage of Webdog, the Webdog service has been put on hold. I think he's making some serious changes to his site, but this could make out news/finger trackers a bit flakey over the next couple days. Please bear with all of us if it happens :-) Here's the whole post:

(that's us - fact fans)

The Webdog service has currently been put on hold.

Client software and .plans will continue to be available.

We will explain all in due course.

Don't think the worst.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

More Q3A Character Shots

Redwood has posted more of his collection of characters that will appear in Quake III Arena. In this installment, he gives you: Hossman, Lucy, and Phobos. As usual, you can see the complete list here.

All Better?

Whew! Does that feel better? We got ourselves a server reboot so the finger tracker seems to be back in working order (hopefully for good this time). Nice to have everything functional again.

Update: Ack, ack, ack! The dates are borked! Grrrr.

Update #2: The scheduler is back up. Life is good.

Q3A: Pure Gold

Blue's News is reporting that they received word from Activision--Quake III Arena is officially gold! Expect to see it at your local software dealer on December 12.

CTF: Q3A vs. UT

Both Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament will come with Capture-the-Flag support right out of the box. This is a testiment to the longevity and good old fashioned fun of Zoid's creation. Will Q3A's or UT's implementation of CTF be better? Gamespy takes a preliminary look at UT's CTF and Q3A's CTF, as explained by two of the men behind them, Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski and David "Zoid" Kirsch, respectively.

I personally applaud the decision of both companies to eliminate the grappling hook. I think that it helps emphasize teamplay and keeps one person from dominating a match with grapple skillz alone. I haven't played UT CTF online, but I have played against five bots in 3v3 CTF and it is a lot of fun. The bots really know how to play CTF! I look forward to doing the same thing in the full version of Q3A soon.

Graeme Devine .Plan Update

id's Graeme Devine updated his .plan with the following bit of news:
Activision has asked to test the full authorize server, so it's now up and running. I can quite understand this. I'm working to get the full demo out the door as quick as possible.
1) I guess that means that Activision hasn't started copying Q3A yet. 2) Hopefully the demo will be out soon (before I leave for Thanksgiving tomorrow noonish?).

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