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Thursday, December 23, 1999

Merry Christmas

I'm going to be away from my PC for the next couple days since family will be visiting. I want to wish every one of our visitors a happy, healthly, joyous Christmas. Enjoy the family, friends and music of the season. Peace and goodwill to all the people of the world.

DE UT Maps: Released!

Digital Extremes has made two new Unreal Tournament maps available for download! One is CTF-Orbital and the other is CTF-HallOfGiants. They promise to release even more goodies soon on their Unreal Tournament page.

Thanks VE for the links.

Play Versus id in CTF

Tim Willits updated his .plan with a challenge to the Quake III community:
Id CTF Challenge!!

If you would like to play against us connect to right now.

We are all red so join blue.

We are playing Zoid's q3ctf2 map
I just checked in Gamespy and the server is packed. And, of course, all the id folks are serious LPBs.

Pondering the Imponderable

I spent a bit of time today fiddling with the latest version of Q3Radient. Now I can see why mappers eventually go insane. I made a little two room map with a hall between them. It looks like crap, but it's a start. Hopefully after the holidays I'll have more time to experiment with it.

Free UT Levels from Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes, the company who made Unreal/Unreal Tournament with Epic, has announced that they will be releasing some free levels just like Epic is doing. Gamefan has some screenshots to boot! It's really great to see DE and Epic supporting UT so much. Are you paying attention, Monolith?

Q3Radiant tools notes

The Shack has a note from Mr. Elusive (did a lot of the 'bot code for id) on one of the tools (bspc) in the recent Q3Radiant download:
"The bspc tool can convert q1, q2, HL, Sin and Heretic2 bsp files to good map files. Q3A bsps can also be converted to .map files however all texture references are reset to one Q2 texture and all curves are converted to brushes. Converting a Q3A bsp to a map file is pretty much useless."
YO, A.T., we CAN convert Zig Vert. It could be lots of fun tho (not).

Zoid on the QW source release

Zoid made a post to the Q3A coding forum replying to another post on the QW source release. Check it:
"Justin Miller" <>

Ah yes, and those of us that still play QW are now preparing for the onslaught of hacked-up QW clients with cheats galore. Fun fun.
Cheating has always been an issue. I've gotten a bunch of hate mail the last couple of days from players screaming at me because now that the source is out, people are going to hack it like crazy.

Of course, you'd have to know how to program to hack it. Or get a programmer to hack it for you.

QuakeWorld has had a lot of cheating issues. I even placed measures in the code to try and curb it (pmodel/emodel checks). One of the reasons I pretty much stopped QW development about a year ago was because of all the hacks. I just ran out of energy trying to fight against it. The last thing I did was the remote screenshot feature and that was only for one of the last QW tournaments.

I think the benefits of the source release far outweighs that of cheating.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

New Q3A Tools

id's tool-time guy, Robert Duffy, updated his .plan with the announcement of a new version of the Q3Tools. Here's the word:
I have placed a new install for the tools on the ftp site. Our ftp gets hammered but it should show up mirrored pretty quick as well.

There are quite a few changes, see the readme for a list.

This release contains new content or updates for the following:
  • Q3Radiant, this is named 'Q3Radiant_181.exe'. This will allow you to revert to the older version in case there are unforeseen problems.
  • Q3Map, some fixes.
  • Q3Data, see the Modeling manual which was put together by Paul Steed and Paul Jaquays.
  • Model_manual_ps.doc, the above mentioned model manual.
  • bspc - see the included text file for changes.
  •, Museum.shader - A map done by Kenneth Scott to illustrate a wide variety of shader effects. Cool stuff.
  • MapMedia.pk3 - additional content required by the museum.
The museum takes quite a while to light when running Q3Map on it. Be patient :-)

PQ Q3A Guide

PlanetQuake has posted a handy Quake III Arena guide. It includes tips on gameplay, weapons, maps, and the obligatory console and cheats info.

Expert Quake and Loki's Minions Join Forces

PlanetQuake is reporting that the well-known Quake mod teams Expert Quake and Loki's Minions have merged to form Alliance Games. I really don't intend on keeping up with all the mod and map news for Q3A, but this is a significant announcement for the Quake community.

PQ Redesign

Check out PlanetQuake's swanky new design. It looks a lot better, but a lot more like all the other Planet*.com sites. The really nice thing is that the news is on the main page and it no longer reloads about five times in Netscape.

Mozilla M12 Binaries Released

The Mozilla milestone 12 binaries are available on the Mozilla Releases page. There are versions for Win32, Mac 8.5, Linux i386, FreeBSD, OpenVMS, Sparc Solaris, and XP (is that an OS?). I'll give you the scoop when I am done downloading it.

Make sure you check out the release notes. Note: although the roadmap said this would be an alpha release, there's nothing on the website indicating that it is. Therefore, keep in mind that this is pre-release software that does contain bugs and may crash. It is not Communicator 5 nor is it a "test" version of the same.

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