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Friday, December 31, 1999

System Resources

Welcome to the **** that is Windows 3.x/9x system resources. Microsoft has always had a very limited method of allocating things like windows, icons, fonts, and menus, and it's rearing its ugly head for Compaq users according to this article. I feel your pain folks :-)

Mutator FAQ

The Mutation Device, your one-stop for all your Unreal Tournament mutator needs, has posted The Mutators FAQ in Windows help format. My $.02: you can take your different game styles and different weapons with alt-fire. The coolest thing about Unreal Tournament is mutators.


T-minus 24 hours and counting . . . Let's hope The Master's news script is compatible :)

The Master comments: Well, if it isn't, I guess I'll be doing some late-night debugging... OH, and BTW: so far the world's still here, and they're through 2000 in China. Good sign :-)

Thursday, December 30, 1999

Official Q3A FAQ Update

id's Official Quake III Arena FAQ has been updated with a solution for crashes when changing to a CTF level from a DM level or vice versa.
Why does the game sometimes crash if we callvote to another level while playing CTF?

In version 1.11 of Quake3 the game will crash if players try to run a CTF game on maps not designed for CTF. Do not perform a callvote requesting a map change to a non-CTF map without changing the game type first. Before changing maps always make sure you have the correct gametype set.

g_gametype 0 Free For All
g_gametype 1 - Tournament
g_gametype 2 Single Player
g_gametype 3 Team Deathmatch
g_gametype 4 Capture the Flag

This crash will be fixed in the first point release of the game.
Thanks loonyboi.

Stopping Q1 Cheating

id's John Carmack updated his .plan with reports of an existing QuakeWorld anti-cheat proxy that could also be used for newer versions of Q1/QW.
Several people have mentioned an existing anti-cheat QW proxy thatshould also be applicable to modified versions:

Clan THP Page Up

I finally got around to creating a page for our new Quake III Arena/Unreal Tournament clan called (cleverly enough) The Haus of Pain. Most of the members came over with me from my Shogo MAD, the Old Married Guys [RIP]. Basically we are a bunch of older folks (22 and up) who enjoy playing Q3A or UT in a l337 haX0r-free environment. We aren't good necessarily, but we do have fun.

Q3A Level Editing

As I mentioned before, I've been trying my hand at Q3Radiant to see if I can make my own level for Quake III Arena. I managed to get the über-lame "two rooms and a hallway" map done. It's a start. Q3Radiant is not exactly user-friendly, but it does appear to be quite powerful.

I've been scouring the web for level design tutorials. Sadly most of them look like they've been written by people for whom English is a second language. The best ones I've found so far are on Quake3Mods.Net. Check them out if you plan on trying to design levels.

Q3A Help

Various Quake III Arena help pages have been updated/improved today:Thanks to everybody for these links (I saw them on several sites).

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