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Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Make Something Unreal

Cliff Bleszinski updated his .plan with word of a returning "Make Something Unreal Contest".
The Make Something Unreal Contest is back and in full swing!

Today, January 4th 2000, the Make Something Unreal Contest is now accepting submissions for the Best UT Deathmatch Level/Map category! You have until January 18th to get your submissions in for a chance win a share of the $7,000 being given away in this category alone!

Not submitting an entry? You can still take part! Register yourself as a judge so you can vote on all the submissions and also have a chance of winning Voodoo3 graphics cards, Aureal sound cards and more in our monthly random drawings!

NHL 2000 Sites?

The former granddaddy of all NHL2000 sites, NHL2000 Online, has been out of commission for an entire month (and actually at least a half of a month before that too). If anyone has any suggestions of good NHL2000 sites, please email me!

Unreal on Linux

LinuxGames has posted this script that will allow the Unreal Tournament client to run portions of the original Unreal in Linux. Here's the news:
John Matthews and Doug Dahl have determined how to allow the Unreal Tournament Linux client to run parts of the single-player game from its predecessor, Unreal. Although save games and some maps (Dug, NaliC, Ruins, Dark, and TheSunSpire) are broken at the moment, Matt and Doug have developed a bash script that will configure UnrealTournament.ini and User.ini to run the working portions of Unreal's single-player game properly.
Thanks Blue for the news.

Monday, January 3, 2000

Gateway ditches Amiga

According to this article, Gateway dumps the Amiga name and hardware, Gateway has decided to completely scrap and sell off the Amiga computer system. Wow. I can hear a LOT of people in Europe screaming right now.

The Amiga is VERY popular in Europe, much more so that the IBM PC. Which is why you still find software being ported to it today.

NHL 2000 Roster Update

This one slipped by me. EA Sports released a new roster update for NHL 2000 on December 10. You can download it from their NHL 2000 page.


I just finished Quake III Arena on the "Hurt Me Plenty" difficulty setting. Tier 6 wasn't as hard as I thought it would be (except Q3DM16, which gives me fits). Xaero on Q3Tourney6 is nuts. It's awful fun railing the switch when he's on the BFG platform :)

I wanted to get aquainted with the maps before cranking up the difficulty. I'm going to try on Hardcore now! For those of you who beat the game on Nightmare, my hat is off to you.

UT Tweaks

PlanetUnreal has updated their Unreal Tournament Tweaks page. Included is information on how to disable the opening fly-through cutscene (thank heavens!). Thanks VoodooExtreme.

Ask Hook

Billy W. and the boyz have slapped up a new issue of Ask Hook. Brian Hook (formerly of id, currently of Verant) answers two musical questions: 1) Do certain game makers have video card makers' ears more than others? and 2) Why do people play first-person shooters when they are all derivative and no one has fun?


I gotcher FAQ right here (sorry, slipping into my "New Yorker" mode this morning). GameFAQs has updated their Unreal Tournament FAQ. Check it out. Thanks Blue.

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