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Friday, January 7, 2000

UT 404 Patch Fixes/Improvements

The Alchemy Zone has posted a list of fixes and new features for the upcoming Unreal Tournament 404 patch. No word on when the patch will be out. Thanks Redwood.

DOS Attack Over

id's Christian Antkow updated his .plan with this simple message:
Things appear to be back to normal.
Hopefully they can find the person or persons responsible for this attack.

Q3A Point Release Beta

OK, folks, I don't know what to think about this one. I know it is legit, but I don't know if it is worth downloading or not. Here's the skinny from PlanetQuake's Quake III page:
We've decided to make the point release beta, but public, because there's nothing like a few million beta testers! When running servers using this release we highly suggest running them as non-pure servers so that older clients can connect to them without problems. Please read the enclosed FAQ for a detailed list of which bugs and UI features we've addressed with this point release. If all goes well we'll go with a final version of the point release very soon. The Macintosh and Linux builds of the point release BETA will be out hopefully today as well.
I dunno. Something about a point release beta just makes me itchy. If you feel like trying it, here are some mirrors: Shugashack, PlanetQuake, Oxygen Tank, and Blue's News. The file is just over a meg.

Update: Being the sucker that I am, I am downloading the betatestdemopatch. It is coming from the Shack quite speedily actually. I'll post the list of changes once it is here. Stay tuned.

Update #2: Here is the list of the additions and fixes in the point release beta. Please note that there are many, many typos in that list. Don't email me for an explanation. I don't know either. :)

Q3A Point Release Soon?

I just saw this post on PlanetQuake's Quake III page:
Word is just in from Graeme Devine of id Software, that the release of the Quake III Point Release is very close. After getting all the documentation together the package should be out the door. By all indications this means today kids, so let the drooling commence.
Gentlemen (and Ladies!) start your modems!

Everybody File for an IPO!

If you have a pulse, you realize that there is a feeding frenzy in the stock market on anything having to do with technology. The current darling is Linux. Red Hat went public and made a small fortune (as of this moment it is trading at 244 1/4 per share). Trying to ride this wave is a "company" called LinuxOne who a) copied Red Hat's S-1 statement almost verbatim (except that it has $0 in sales), and b) consists of $150,000 put up by the president and $5000 in equipment (most likely, a web server). Sadly, these idiots will probably make a mint. Investors who know nothing about the technology yet somehow have money to burn, will lose it (money) by the bushel. Check out The Motley Fool's article on LinuxOne for a good lesson on what NOT to invest in. Thanks Slashdot.

UT FAQ Updated

Having problems with Unreal Tournament? Check out the unofficial FAQ which was just updated! Thanks VoodooExtreme.

A tribute to Peanuts

Recently, I read about the shocking announcement that Peanuts was leaving the funny pages. There's a tribute site with an online quilt for Charles Shulz and the Peanuts gang. I personally will miss the quality and subtle humor that Peanuts brought to the funny pages.

Q3A Problems-DOS attack on id

According to Blue, id Software is under a Denial-of-Service attack right now, and therefore anyone having problems playing Q3A should assume the measures being used to combat the DOS attack are causing your problems. Here's the scoop:
Connectivity Problems with Q3A

To be blunt, we are currently the target of a major denial of service attack which was started at 3pm CST this afternoon.

The perpetrators of this denial of service are saturating two full DS3's coming into Dallas, and are affecting all Savvis, UUNet, and Sprint connections locally.

To combat this attack, Savvis, UUNet, and Sprint have implemented access filters blocking certain traffic to our entire class C, and are blocking our DNS server entirely.

Savvis will be monitoring the situation throughout the evening, and I'm expecting a wakeup call at 8am from the morning tech crew at Savvis for an update. I will be calling the FBI in the morning to proceed legally on this attack.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this is causing you. Believe me, we are as frustrated as you are.
A.T. Hun comments: Boy, the warez lamers will stop at nothing. Someone on the Shugashack suggested an appropriate punishment, which I can't repeat here (it's a family site after all). If you've seen the movie Deliverence, you'll know immediately :)

Thursday, January 6, 2000

3dfx on Mac

Well, according to this blurb on Inside Mac Games, 3dfx is building native support for Apple Mac into their chipsets and video cards. This is very good news for Mac gamers, since the Voodoo series is a much more powerful 3d solution than the current ATI Rage cards they're using now.

Q3A for Mac Shipping

Activision issued a press release that Quake III Arena for the Macintosh has shipped. It should be available for purchase at a software purveyor near you very soon. Thanks Blue's News.

Graeme Devine Interview has posted an interview with id's Graeme Devine. The interview talks about design issues in the game and the importance of the mod community. Thanks PlanetQuake.

Daikatana Delayed Again?

Stop me if you've heard this one already. I saw the following news blurb at Evil Avatar:
DamageGaming is reporting from an un-named source that Daikatana has been delayed once again, this time the often-delayed first person shooter has been pushed back from January 21st until February 18th.

My own sources have also confirmed this rumor, so if you were hoping for Daikatana in January, it looks like you are out of luck.
The parts in italics are Evil Avatar's own comments. OK, that pushes the release date two months after the release party. *cough* But I suppose, once you miss Christmas, missing January isn't a big deal. The big question: will it be out by Christmas 2000?

The Master comments: (STOP STOP STOP!!)

New Mutators: Update

I downloaded and installed the new Digital Extremes mutators for Unreal Tournament. If you have UT, you MUST download them! The Volitile Ammunition mutator is the best thing since shaved ice. When you shoot any ammunition packs in the game, they explode. Cool enough, but they don't just explode, they shoot off all the rounds contained in them! In other words, shoot some Ripper ammunition and suddenly you have tons of razor blades flying all over the place! Shoot Shock Rifle ammo and you get energy projectiles flying all around. Highly recommended.

New Ask Hook

Billy et al at VoodooExtreme have posted the new version of Ask Hook. Today, he answers questions about texture sizes and which 3D API is the best to learn. Fun for the whole family.

Mutator Problems

There appears to be a problem with the new mutators for Unreal Tournament that were released by Digital Extremes yesterday (story). Here's the scoop, and a workaround from DE's site:
Hmmm... it seems that the .umod installer is not working as expected. I was playing online and the ammo pickups were invisible which means that the dedicated server is missing a line in it's UnrealTournament.ini file in the /UT/System directory. This problem will occur on dedicated servers for the Volatile Ammo and also the Team Beacon mutators.

To fix this, the following entry should go under the [Engine.GameEngine] heading:


This change should have been made by the .umod file, but instead it creates a new UnrealTournament.ini file in the /UT directory. Weird. Anyway, making this change should fix this problem for dedicated servers, which is the only place it will occur. In the meantime, Steve is working on making a new .umod file (by hand... ugh) that will install correctly. I guess it slipped by us here 'cause we had the line in our .ini already.

Jobs official CEO of Apple

Well according to Yahoo!, Steve Jobs announced that he's dropping the 'interim' from his title of CEO at Apple. What does this mean? Jobs is 'the man' at Apple again. Hey, he brought it back from the brink. Good luck making Apple a serious player . . . (heck, Micro$oft needs some competition)

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