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Saturday, January 29, 2000


If you are haunted by the sight of large, hairy beasts in your backyard, trampling your prized rosebushes, then you are a prime candidate to take part in the YETI@Home project. Here's some information on YETI@Home's client:
Once installed, the YETI@Home client will not interrupt your daily computer usage. In fact, the application can run virtually unnoticed in the background for years, much like the Libertarian Party.
Maybe your computer will be the one to spot Bigfoot! Thanks Slashdot.

George Broussard Interview

PlanetDuke (yep, another $%^& Planet* site) has posted an interview with 3D Realm's George Broussard about the forthcoming Duke Nukem Forever. It's a good read, and well-timed. It's the fourth anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D shareware.

DNF is one of the few games I'm really looking forward to this year. Let's hope it lives up to expectations (which will be rather high). Sorry for taking so long to post the link. It's been one of those days . . .

Pondering the Imponderable

Oh the joys of having acres and acres of open hard drive real estate! In addition to Q3A and UT (which I already had installed), I now have full installs of NHL 2000 (had a partial install before), Shogo, and X-Wing Alliance. I have those as well as Gamespy and the SoF demo on one of my 6.7G partitions and it's not even half full. Muhuhaha.

I've been experiencing a bit of Q3A burn-out recently. That's to be expected since I played nothing but Q3A in December. I've been dabbling a bit more in NHL 2000 and X-Wing Alliance as a change of pace.

When I do get the urge for a first-person shooter, I've been playing Unreal Tournament. I restarted the Tournament on a slightly lower difficulty level so I can make it through and learn all of the maps. I've got a ways to go.

Now that I've had UT for a month, one of these days I'll revisit my Q3A vs. UT article. I think that once I make it through UT, I'll keep playing it for the different game types, but when it comes to deathmatch, Q3A still reigns supreme. I also have to figure out a way to make it more obvious in UT that I am getting hit. The pain sounds are very quiet. It's obvious when someone whaps you upside the head with a rocket, it's not so obvious when they have a minigun trained on you.

Friday, January 28, 2000

New Master .Plan

Okay, I'll admit that I'm a pessimist (or, as A.T. calls me, pi$$y), but I just had to comment on all the furor over Y2K and post-Y2K. Check out my newest Master .plan for my views on Y2K.

Monty Python Back On TV!

Late last year, A&E started showing Monty Python's Flying Circus on Saturday evenings. There was much rejoicing. After about a month and a half, one of A&E's trained baboons decided to take it off the air. Upon revisiting A&E's Monty Python site, I noticed that they are showing them again! Set your VCRs though, the shows air at 6 AM ET/7 AM PT. Oh well, poorly scheduled Python is better than no Python at all. Please note that this is for the U.S., I believe A&E Canada (and elsewhere?) is different. And I'd like to conclude by putting my finger up my nose.

Open Source and User Interface has this column from Mike Kuniavsky about one of the failings of the Open Source movement: poor user interfaces. His argument is that since most Open Source software is written by haX0rs for haX0rs, very little attention is given to providing a good interface for the fine code beneath. This may be the Open Source's Achilles' heel that keeps its software from being used by the masses. Thanks Slashdot.

Graeme Devine on Persistent Worlds

id's Graeme Devine lays the smack down on persistent world gaming in Gamespy's developers week. He probably ticked a lot of people off with this article, but the man speaks the truth.

As much as people rave about Everquest and the like, I don't think I'll ever try them. Paying a developer $50 for the privilege of paying them $10 a month to play the game is against my religion.

The Best Game Ever

According to this article in Salon, the best game ever isn't Q3A, UT or even Deer Hunter (sorry A.T., I know that's your favorite). Instead, the best game ever is Nethack. If you've never played it, you'll think this guy is nuts. Try Nethack once and you'll wonder what the fuss is about. Try it twice and you'll like it. Try it three times and you're hooked. Ahh, I remember being addicted to Hack in '86, and '88, and '89. . .

Clan Hell

Lowtax and the boyz at Something Awful have found a new target for their wrath: clans with profoundly bad and ugly webpages. Check out Clan Hell. See the point where 1337-ness meets profound stupidity. These pages serve as a reminder of how necessary it is for us to take our Ritalin.

Linux Q3A Point Release

sCary mentioned in his "Werd" today that the Linux Quake III Arena point release is entirely in the hands of Loki (the ones who did the port), not id. He hopes to find some word on a release schedule. When we get our Q3A server running, it will be on Linux. Let's hope they get that point release out while we still have our youth.

Lamer Alert

Well, upon perusing the EZ-Net Q3A server's log last night, we discovered that we have a regular visitor who is an aimbot user. What a lamer. I'm not going to mention his/her name (gotta take care of some "business" first). Just a reminder that Big Brother is watching.

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