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Thursday, February 3, 2000

Linux Update

Well, I downloaded and compiled the Linux drivers for my SoundBlaster Live! Lo and behold, it works! So now basically everything on my system runs fine under Linux. Slowly but surely I'm starting to think Linux.

Of course my wife would say that's just what I need, another thing to keep me at my computer :)

The Master comments: Hehehehehehe. At least she doesn't call your machine "the mistress!"

J.t.Qbe comments: Or worse!


In the latest issue of PC Magazine (which I just got in the mail today) they have a handy-dandy utility called CookieCop. Basically it sets itself up as a proxy for your web browser. You can set it to only accept cookies from sites you specify. Very handy. Because of the whole DoubleClick fiasco I had completely disabled cookies, which limits functionality on some sites. This gives me the best of both worlds. It will work with most modern browsers in Windows 95/98/NT.

And oh, by the way, I've been running it now for about 20 minutes. I've accepted 3 cookies and rejected 95. Most of the rejections are from websites' banner ads.

id looking for Level Designer

According to Tim Willit's .plan, id is looking for a new level designer. Check it:
Level Design Position Available

Id Software is searching for a talented, experienced, and team driven individual to help us create some of the best selling games in the industry. We are looking for a team player to add to our design department.

  • Experience working with a 3D engine such as Quake, Unreal, Lith-Tech, etc.
  • Ability to maintain an organized schedule within a creative environment.
  • Ability to set goals and compete them in a timely manner.
  • A driven, self-starter who enjoys the commitment and rewards of creating some of the best levels in the industry.
  • Avid game player with an open mind and understanding of games and gamers in general
  • Willing to play on team id during Capture the Flag games.
If you are interested please send email to All inquires will be strictly confidential.

First Post!

From Linux, that is. Yessir, I finally got my modem/PPP stuff working! Huzzah! Now all I need to do is get my SoundBlaster Live! working. I've a feeling that one is going to take a bit more time.

3dfx Layoffs

Uffda! I forgot to mention this one yesterday. According to this news article and this follow-up on the Shugashack (parts of which were confirmed by GA-Source), 3dfx is going through a massive restructuring. The result? 5% of their employees will be laid-off and a further 15% will be spun-off into a new "Specialized Technology Group".

This is not surprising, given how poorly 3dfx' stock has been performing recently. Whenever this happens, the employees heads are the first to roll. Businesses call it "focusing on their core business." Stockholders call it "increased profits." Employees call it "time to stock up on Ramen Noodles."

Mac 405B UT Patch

The 405B patch for Mac Unreal Tournament has been released by Westlake Interactive. You Mac fanatics can be playing the same version of the game as the rest of us now! There is also these Mac-specific changes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom skins & maps to not auto-download when joining a server.
  • Added an option to disable command key shortcuts (like Cmd-Q)
  • Added some extra code to the RAVE driver to boost performance on newer AGP Rage 128 cards.
  • Added an option for dedicated servers that will detect if the server has stopped accepting connections (which can happen after 2 to 10 hours of running). If the server sees this has happened, it will relauch itself with all settings entact.
  • Fixed remote web administration code, you can now change settings, kick/ban players, and even type directly into the server console of a Mac server all from a standard web browser.
Check the above link for a list of mirrors.

Wednesday, February 2, 2000

More Stupid UIX Tricks

A few days ago (story) I quoted Evil Avatar saying that you could no longer post on Origin's Ultima IX boards. The "logic" was that the game was perfect now with the latest patch so no more tech support would be necessary. Seriously. Well kids, it gets worse. Check out this letter sent to the Blue's News mailbag.
I can not believe they're doing this... they're systematically deleting all negative posts from the boards. Since this morning, the Technical Issues forum has gone from 3000 posts to 1074 posts... this is the most digusting behavior I've ever seen from a game company, could you please let the public know that this should not be OK for them to do?
I've heard of revisionist history before, but this is ridiculous.

AOL Sued

CNN is reporting that a lawsuit for 8 billion has been filed against AOL The complaint? Basically that AOL 5.0's installation program is doing its best Microsoft impersonation and taking over your computer's Internet services, rendering other ISP's software or programs with online features (like Quicken) unusable. Thanks Shugashack.

The Master comments: Lemme guess. Class-action lawsuit. Lawyer walking with 5 or 6 billion while everyone else gets $0.59. I'm gonna go steam now. GRRRRRRRRRR

ToddH on Tin Boxes

id's CEO, Todd Hollenshead, updated his .plan with the news that if you want the tin box edition of Quake III Arena, you'd better act quickly. Activision has sent out the last copies.

Linux is Installed!

Well kids, I retried my Linux install today and everything seems to be going fine. My main problems are 1) X doesn't seem to like my mouse (a Mouse Systems trackball) for some reason, although it works fine on the command line, 2) a couple classic cases of PEBKAC*. Now I just have to learn to think in Linux and I'll be all set.

* PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair (courtesy User Friendly).

Unreal Tech Update

Epic's Tim Sweeney updated the Unreal Technology Page in which he takes a kind-hearted jab at Monolith's Jason Hall's .plan update from yesterday. Glad to see he can take that sort of thing in stride. If I was making what I assume he is making, I'm sure I could take it in stride too :)

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