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Tuesday, March 14, 2000

CliffyB on Level Design

Epic's Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski updated his .plan with news that he has posted his written materials from his GDC lecture entitled The Art and Science of Level Design. It's a good read for all you budding level designers out there. Just don't try to follow the link on Cliffy's front page. Use the one above. It actually works :)

Q3A in All Its Glory

Just wanted to pass along that I got to see Quake III Arena running on my friend's Athlon 650 with a Elsa DDR GeForce at 1024x768 with all the graphics options on max. One word: WOW! Unfortunately, now it's going to look ugly on my system . . .

Daikatana Chat Log

Daikatana Headquarters has posted a transcript of last night's chat with the Daikatana developers. Included are a couple juicy morsels of information. First, regarding weapon switch times, The Romero spake:
You can have INSTANT SWITCH weapons if you like in multiplayer.
The QuakeWorld folks will love that. On the subject of going gold and when, KillCreek and her amazing, um, coding skillz said:
Let me just say, we have plane tix to go to Hawaii on this coming Sunday, and we are not looking to reschedule.
I'll believe it at the point at which I see it. Thanks Shugashack.

SOF Officially Gold

According to Gone Gold, Activision has approved Soldier of Fortune for Gold master.

A.T. Hun comments: Which, of course, means that SoF is the first single-player-oriented game to ship with Capture-the-Flag in of the box. Sorry, John, Daikatana didn't make it in time . . .

Carmack on 3D Linux

John Carmack posted some comments on the Linux Sourceforge site on Linux drivers for S3 and MGA cards. Excellent read for the uber-geeks in the crowd.

There is a HECK of a lot of interesting reading in this thread on the utah-glx archive. Carmack seems to be meshing into the Open Source driver community really well-which I'm sure is a FASCINATING experience for someone who is such a hard-core programmer.

Monday, March 13, 2000

SOF Unofficially GOLD

According to Rick Johnson's .plan, SOF has been unofficially declared gold. Here's the update:
*** UPDATE ***

Unofficially, SoF has been baked to a light GOLD! We are code released! Masters have been sent off to duplication. Technically, the head of QA has to sign off on the paper work tomorrow to make it official, but we are done! All 5 versions (US Full Violence, US Low Violence, UK Full, French Full, and German Low) have made it through QA. At this time, we are not aware when it will hit the stores, other than it will be this month.

Creative and the NV15

Björn posted some information from a Creative Labs press conference regarding their next graphics product based on NVIDIA's NV15 GPU. Here's the news:
  • 32 Mb DDR memory
  • 0.18 micron
  • Over 1 GigaTexel fillrate
  • 4 dual-texture pipelines
  • TV-out via daughter-card (the idea is that you will only have to buy the TV-out board once and continue use it on future Creative products. This isn't finalized yet)
When I asked about when it would be out they only smiled and said "soon".

Beer is Better Than Milk. Discuss.

OK, this is WAY off topic, but still amusing. Someone sent Ars Technica a link on a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) website which encourages college students to drink beer instead of milk. Personally, I never thought that the lack of beer drinking on college campuses was a big issue. I'll withold any personal comments on PETA (Mommy always told me that if you can't say something nice . . .), other than to say that I can't WAIT until MADD gets ahold of this.

RealPlayer 7 Beta for Linux

Slashdot is reporting that Real has released a beta version of RealPlayer 7 for Linux (glibc 2.0). Cool stuff! The alpha version I was using of RealPlayer G2 was very flaky. I'll fire this one up and see how it goes. More reasons to play in Linux. Joy!

Update! I downloaded and fiddled with the new RealPlayer for a bit today. It is much better and more stable than the previous alpha version. Having said that, I had to manually copy the Netscape plug-in into the appropriate directory and said plug-in often caused Netscape to lock up. Still, it's a step in the right direction.

New Obi-Wan Screenshots

Those wacky Germans at GamesZone have posted four new screenshots from LucasArts' forthcoming first-person -shooter, Episode I: Obi-Wan. Cool stuff, Maynard. Thanks Jedi Kanigit.

Daikatana-o-Rama has posted a slew of information on John Romero's forthcoming brainchild. There are eight screenshots and details from each episode, as well as information on the various gametypes. Thanks Shugashack for the information.

Why I Left id . . .

In today's Ask Hook, Brian explains why he left id for Verant. I think most people thought he was a couple of strings short of a trapeze when he did. It just goes to show that even the "ideal" job might not always be so ideal.

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