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Saturday, March 18, 2000

News on UT 406 Patch

Epic's Jack "Mek" Porter posted to the GT Forums regarding the status of the Unreal Tournament 406 patch. Here's the news:
Things were set back a bit by our trip to GDC last week, and the time we spent getting ready for it.

We're back testing candidates and we should have server administrators on our utservers mailing list testing it by Monday.
Soonish, then. You can find a complete list of all the forthcoming changes here. Thanks PlanetUnreal.

Linux Console Gaming

A company called Indrema has announced a Linux-based gaming console. No word on when it will be out. As always, the specs look very impressive. Whether or not they can deliver is another issue. You can check Indrema's website for the full scoop. My main question is, if developers won't make game for Linux, how do you convince them to make games for a Linux-based console? Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

Stephens on Daikatana

ION Storm's Noel Stephens updated his .plan with some more rather strong "hints" that Daikatana is, at last, going to go gold. In other words, the world is about to end, so you'd best get at repenting ASAP. Here's a couple bits:
Been a very long 7 months! Things have become quite different since I first started on this project. During the process of this project I have taken off around 1 week, and most of that time during the 'vacation' I was sick. However, heh, this weekend I am going home to have a nice long 2 day weekend... 2 WHOLE days!!!!! *hint* *hint*

As far as when the game will be done, well I am taking the weekend off and breaking the 7 day a week schedule, thus we must be VERY close to completion!!!!
Of course, THAT call is up to Eidos. Heck, I think we'll see a game developer in a nudie mag before Daikatana comes out! Oh, wait . . .

UT Code == Done?

According to this article on Gamespy from the GDC, Epic is about to put Unreal Tournament to bed so they can focus on their next game. Here's the pertinent bits:
What next? Well, in a few weeks, Epic will wrap it up with the Unreal Tournament code and declare it "done." Then all further changes to the engine will geared toward their next game, and of course available to engine licensees.
I assume this means that they are bypassing the 406 patch and going straight on to the 407 patch with skeletal animation that was alluded to before (story). Of course, I've been wrong before. Thanks Shugashack.

Friday, March 17, 2000

St. Patty's Day and Me with No Guinness

Oh well, I guess this Hacker-Pschorr Alt Munich Dunkel will have to suffice :) In site news, check out our Game Servers page. We've updated the server status pages and included a traceroute. I did a bunch of work on the servers themselves today. Hopefully that work will bear fruit soon.

Bashing Consoles

Scott Miller, owner of 3drealms, updated his .plan with some serious issues he has with the new Microsoft X-Box announcement. Check the .plan for the nitty-gritty, since it's a huge update.

Q3A Tools update

Robert Duffy updated his .plan with word of a new Q3A tools release:
There is an update to the tools out on our ftp. It contains new executables for Q3Radiant, Q3Map, Q3Data, and the TexTool plugin. It is very hot off the presses so use at your own risk. The change log will be quite large and is not yet included but I wanted to get this out so people could start taking advantage of new plugins. Many thanks go out to Timothee Besset, The Curry Team, David Hyde, Jason Spencer, Jan Paul ( Mr. Elusive ), Eutectic, Maj, Paul Jaquays, and everyone taking part in the ongoing Radiant and Plugin department. The Gensurf and Curry plugins look fantastic as does the upcoming MGS plugin from Timothee.

Some words of caution, brush primitives "should" work fine but they are as always subject to change. They are required for the new grouping to work, but I would not use them or the new grouping yet as both are very much under construction.

The filename is "Q3ToolSetup_Mar172000.exe"

Stupid NT Tricks

I found a way to crash Windows NT (other than just booting it up)! Yesterday, I took some stuff over to EZ-Net on a ZIP disk. The disk had the standard ZIP formatting and the information had been copied over from Linux using the vfat filesystem. When Crawl tried to read the ZIP, Win NT ate itself, everything crashed, and he had to reboot. As a newbie Linux user, all I can say is, "Bwhahahaha!"

The Master comments: This is why Microsoft shouldn't be so friggin attached to moving every bloody application into the OS kernel. You realize that NT 3.51 would have laughed at that crash and killed the app? No reboot. That's insane. A newer version of an OS should be MORE stable, not less. Did saving 5% of CPU cycles for moving API "x" into the kernel really benefit NT 4? I don't think so.

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