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Thursday, April 13, 2000

Q3A Jailbreak Beta Patch

The Q3A Jailbreak team has posted a new patch pk3 for their mod. You can download it as a plain .pk3 file or in a .zip file (Netscape doesn't like downloading the .pk3 version properly). It fixes the "BotEntityToActivate" bug, and speeds up weapon respawning, among other fixes. There are no map changes however, so it's a small download.

VB 6 Installer Sucks

I've been battling my work PC all day today, with constant Kernel and MAPI GPFs, and a few fun BSODs, which have induced at this point 10 reboots. Know why? I installed VB 6 on my machine yesterday. Oops. Shouldn'ta done that. I apologize. So now I get to install Outlook2K and fart around with system updates in the hope they repair WTF VB6's installer screwed up. Man do I hate Windows sometimes . . .

Aureal Gets Management

Aureal has a press release online with news of a new board of directors and COO being appointed. Hopefully, they can get Aureal back on it's feet. It's been good to have a competitor for Creative in the sound card market.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Gone Gold on Daikatana

Gone Gold has dug up the following bit of information from Eidos on the release date for Daikatana:
Right now they're going over the game, fixing little things here and there and basically polishing the game. The US version is not gold, contrary to some reports, but close to it. They are sticking to the plan of getting all localized versions done and having an almost simultaneous release.

And when would that be?

They hope to have it out just before E3 (May 11-13th). I mentioned that EBWorld is holding steady at 04/30/00 and was told it's not going to happen. Since this is the case, I'll give it a date of 5/10/00 and we'll all hope for the best.
My question remains: how could they have ever dreamed that this game could have been done in December?

Counterstrike to be part of HL upgrade

The next Half-Life upgrade is going to include version 1.0 of the popular Counterstrike mod. Here's the press release (courtesy of Stomped).

I've played around with CS a bit-it looks very cool. We also run a Counterstrike mod on our game server.

CliffyB Interview

Epic's own Cliff Bleszinski has been interviewed by none other than Jeff K.! It is not only the first interview I've ever wet myself whilst reading (spilled coffee on my lap), but it also includes several never-before-seen pictures of the Cliffster himself!


Here's my daily history update :-)

IBM's new MRAM

Wired has posted an article entitled "Instant Access Memory", which discusses Stuart Parkin's research into "MRAM", which is a new nonvolatile memory based on magnetic rather than electronic switching technology. Interesting ramifications for the future if it can be made cheap, fast, and in large MB sizes :-). Thanks "The Gift" for the tip.

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