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Sunday, April 16, 2000

Uffda! UT:RA 1.25, Anyone?

OK, so I downloaded the FULL Unreal Tournament Rocket Arena 1.2 only to find out there is a rather big hairy bug in it. Grumble, gripe, complain. Anyway, version 1.25 is out now and this one should do it. Hopefully. Here are the links:Once again, you should download the no umod version if you are running the Mac or Linux versions (or if you can't get umods to work under Windows).

UT Rocket Arena 1.2 Released!

GreenMarine (a busy man these days) updated the UT:RA homepage with word that version 1.2 is out! It breaks network compatibility with 1.0 and 1.1, so please upgrade. Here are the download links:

UPDATE! I nuked the links because version 1.2 has a rather nasty bug in it. Download 1.25 instead (story).

413 Patch for UT Linux Released!

I guess GreenMarine was listening! He updated the Unreal Technology Page with news that the 413 patch for Unreal Tournament for Linux is finally out! He also included some of the improvements from the OpenUT project. You can download the patch (4.48M) from Blue's News, 3D Action Gamers, or FilePlanet. Whilst you are downloading, why not read the readme? Thanks Blue's News.

UT Rocket Arena 1.2 Today

Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart updated the Rocket Arena: UT homepage with information on the changes in the forthcoming patch to version 1.2. He hopes to make this available today. Stay tuned to The Haus for more information as it becomes available. I've fiddled with 1.1 a bit and I really like it. Hopefully he'll find time to get the 413 patch for Linux Unreal Tournament out the door too!

GeForce FAQ

I saw on Blue's that Christopher Hill's GeForce FAQ has been updated. It contains the answer to many questions I constantly see being asked both about the GeForce and NVIDIA's reference drivers.

Saturday, April 15, 2000

Interview with Gary Gygax

When I first saw the name "Gary Gygax" for this interview I thought, "Man, what a blast from the past." I wasted many an hour in high school playing AD&D with my cronies. Check out the interview with the father of Dungeons and Dragons on The Gamer's Press. Thanks Evil Avatar.

Q3Fortress Beta 1B Out!

The Q3Fortress Team has released a beta 1B patch for their Team Fortress-esque mod for Quake III Arena. You can find out what's new here and download the patch here. Note: they are only releasing a patch so you will need the full original install too. Thanks Shugashack.

Gamesplayer coming soon

Richard (of Webdog fame) has announced on his Gamesplayer site that he's looking for "a few good men and women" to write for Gamesplayer. His plan is a no-news, all content site dedicated to reviews and commentary on the computer/console gaming scene from the beginning. Sounds like a great idea.

Carmack talk at Razor-CPL

John Carmack ran a workshop at the Razor-CPL competition which is summarized on Eurogamer. Check it out-interesting reading.

New Winamp 2.62

The weird folks at Winamp have released version 2.62 of Winamp. It's mainly minor bugfixes, so you don't need to download this version, but if you've been having any problems with Winamp, check it out.

A.T. Hun comments: What?!? And everyone at Nullsoft didn't update their .plans 55 times with inane comments? Go fig!

The Master comments: Heh-I was wondering if my post would bring this outburst. I could have beat you to it A.T. :-)

Rocket Arena 1.1 Patch

GreenMarine released a patch (that didn't take long, did it) for the new Rocket Arena mod for Unreal Tournament that was released last night. You can get all the details at the RA:UT homepage. Here is a direct link to all the files on FilePlanet. Mac and Linux users (and Win32 users who can't get the .umods to install properly) should download the "no umod" versions:A number of people are apparently reporting "problems" that could be solved if they read the readme file. Do it. It helps. A lot.


On April 15, 1912, at 2:20am, the RMS Titanic finally sucumbs to the sea, taking the majority of the 2,200 passengers onboard to their death. 705 survivors of the disaster are recovered in 20 lifeboats.

The Titanc disaster is one of the best known, since it was touted as an "unsinkable" ship. When she foundered on the 15th, she shook the maritime community, British, and American goverments into seeing the importance of safety at sea. The US Coast Guard and International Ice Watches are founded as a result of the disaster, along with the requirement that enough life-saving equipment be stowed on vessels for all aboard.

Rest in Peace.

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