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Monday, April 17, 2000

Linux UT Patch 413a

Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart, the man who has had one nightmare of a weekend, updated the Unreal Technology page with the following blurb:
I had a bad makefile when I built the release version of 413 for Linux, which caused it to build in a null interface for the IP driver. This means you won't be able to run servers or connect to network games with it. You can get a fixed by clicking on that link. Put it in your System directory to fix the problem.

I've also put together a new version of the patch for people who haven't downloaded it yet. This is version 413a:I'm not having a very good weekend and now its pouring over into the week. /me buckles down for a mess of a week.

- GreenMarine
Because of this, I am pleased to announce that the EZ-Net Unreal Tournament server is now back in operation! J and I discovered that the patch solved our problem with the Holstein skin for the Nali WarCow not displaying properly. Things are looking up! Thanks Blue.

Playstation2 Export Controls

The Japanese Government, showing the same calm and rational thinking as displayed in countless Godzilla movies, decided to slap export controls on the Playstation2 on the grounds that someone could use it to build a cruise missile or something. Seriously. Thanks Blue's News.

The Master comments: Oddly enough, the U.S. government recently raised their definition of "supercomputer" high enough to permit export/import of the Playstation 2. Guess the Japanese are still living in the early '80s.

Linux UT 413 Patch Problems

To add UT insult to injury, the Linux Unreal Tournament 413 patch that was released last night seems to make UT incapable of making any network connections. Nice, eh? So for the time being the EZ-Net Unreal Tournament server is down. According to this thread on SourceForge, I'm not alone. It's comforting in that I probably didn't screw anything up. It's NOT comforting because it DID screw up. Yesterday was a bad day to like Unreal Tourney.

More on M$ dvwssr.dll

I pulled this .dll off the NT CD's here at work, and saw the "Netscape Engineers are weenies!!" message in the code. Woo. I'm impressed. Know what's REALLY interesting in this? Those cocky M$ engineers had the balls to put that in their code, while leaving an unchecked buffer that can crash/run arbitrary code on the server. So who's the weenie, Microsoft? Hmmmm?

UT:RA Recalled!

Brandon Reinhart updated the RA homepage indicating he is recalling Unreal Tournament's Rocket Arena mod due to worsening issues with the mod. This is too bad, since it's going to put a crimp on the mod, but stable code is a must :-)

A.T. Hun comments: Grrrrr. Barf. Guess I might as well email about the bot pathing bug I found last night (the first time I played the level, no less). I feel a Hun-Speak rant coming on . . .

The Master comments: Heh-watch it A.T., you rant enough and you might start sounding p155y like me :-)

Sunday, April 16, 2000

Uffda! UT:RA 1.25, Anyone?

OK, so I downloaded the FULL Unreal Tournament Rocket Arena 1.2 only to find out there is a rather big hairy bug in it. Grumble, gripe, complain. Anyway, version 1.25 is out now and this one should do it. Hopefully. Here are the links:Once again, you should download the no umod version if you are running the Mac or Linux versions (or if you can't get umods to work under Windows).

UT Rocket Arena 1.2 Released!

GreenMarine (a busy man these days) updated the UT:RA homepage with word that version 1.2 is out! It breaks network compatibility with 1.0 and 1.1, so please upgrade. Here are the download links:

UPDATE! I nuked the links because version 1.2 has a rather nasty bug in it. Download 1.25 instead (story).

413 Patch for UT Linux Released!

I guess GreenMarine was listening! He updated the Unreal Technology Page with news that the 413 patch for Unreal Tournament for Linux is finally out! He also included some of the improvements from the OpenUT project. You can download the patch (4.48M) from Blue's News, 3D Action Gamers, or FilePlanet. Whilst you are downloading, why not read the readme? Thanks Blue's News.

UT Rocket Arena 1.2 Today

Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart updated the Rocket Arena: UT homepage with information on the changes in the forthcoming patch to version 1.2. He hopes to make this available today. Stay tuned to The Haus for more information as it becomes available. I've fiddled with 1.1 a bit and I really like it. Hopefully he'll find time to get the 413 patch for Linux Unreal Tournament out the door too!

GeForce FAQ

I saw on Blue's that Christopher Hill's GeForce FAQ has been updated. It contains the answer to many questions I constantly see being asked both about the GeForce and NVIDIA's reference drivers.

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