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Sunday, April 30, 2000

Linux Driver Project Update

I dusted my Linux box and installed a fresh copy of Red Hat 6.2 tonight. I attempted to install the XFree86 4.0-0.6 RPMs but kept getting all kinds of dependency warnings. If anyone has some good suggestions on how to install this and which warnings I can safely ignore, please let me know. I'm still pretty new to all of this.

WON Eastern Server is Down

The Shugashack is reporting that the eastern server is down, making it impossible for anyone to play Half-Life or any other game that uses WON authorization. There is a temporary work-around described here. They aren't sure what the problem is, nor do they have an estimate on when it will be fixed.

New TFC Coming Soon

An article in PCGamer on a new version of TFC coming soon has been summarized over on PlanetFortress. Here's the scoop:

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Saturday, April 29, 2000

More Linux Adventures

If everything goes according to plan (ha ha!), I'm going to be dusting my Linux box and installing a fresh copy of Red Hat 6.2 early next week. I have downloaded the new NVIDIA drivers, the XFree86 4.0 RPMs, and the Linux Quake III Arena demo. Hopefully I'll be able to report back on how good these drivers are by the middle of next week. Who knows? Maybe I can convince Hyperion to send me a review copy of their Linux port of Shogo when it comes out. Stay tuned . . .

History Today

Carmack: Give Me 64 Bits!

Just when 3dfx finally catches up with the rest of the world and provides 32 bit rendering, id's John Carmack updates his .plan saying what we REALLY need is 64 bits. His arguments are compelling (and yes, I did follow his train of thought . . . mostly). As usual the update is lengthy and very deep. Prepare for your brain to hurt :)

The Master comments: The only argument I have AGAINST this one is how in heck are video card manufacturers going to keep framerates up with a doubling of required data transfer rates? I hope Intel can get AGP 4x SOLID real soon-that's the only way I can think to allow this improvement to fly.

A.T. Hun comments: Well, fillrates are now getting to the point of being completely ridiculous. The GeForce 2 GTS can do almost 60 fps in Q3A at 1600x1200x16. The main problem to be solved right now is the memory bandwidth bottleneck. Once some faster memory becomes available and economically viable, I think 64 bit rendering could become a reality. I would say that we will see it on a video card within two years, especially if Carmack pushes it as "the next big thing" like he championed OpenGL.

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