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Thursday, May 25, 2000

Eminem on Napster

<My $.02>OK, let me state this much right now. I hate whiteboy rap. Hate it. I hate groups that, because they can't get anyone who can sing, get someone who can barely rap to be their lead grunter. Rap and metal were done well when Anthrax and Public Enemy recorded some tunes together (Bring the Noise is amazing). After that, it's just been garbage.</My $.02>

Enter gangsta rapper wanna-be, Eminem, who actually strung together some words resembling English to show his disdain for Napster and how he doesn't have a clue. You can catch the whole thing on Yahoo Music! if you feel like going insane. Thanks Shugashack, I think.

If you want to email me about how Eminem is the greatest musical artist of our time, please send your message to my alternate email address: /dev/null.

Webdog "Issues"

Yep, we know that something is seriously wrong with the finger tracker. I tried a fix on my end but it didn't work. We'll have to wait until The Master gets home from work to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience. He is the brains of this outfit, I'm the one who can spell :)

The Master comments: Unfortunately, the Webdog tracker has been having lots of stability problems lately because of performance issues on the Blues News server (according to Richard over at Webdog). Hopefully things will stabilize soon.

Return to Wolfenstein Preview

3D Action Planet has posted a preview of Gray Matter's Return to Castle Wolfenstein based on an opportunity the author had to play the game at E3. The game is scheduled to be release in Q4 2000. Cool stuff. Thanks Stomped.

VE Interviews Tim Sweeney

Voodoo Extreme has slapped up another interview with Epic's Tim Sweeney. Topics include GreenMarine's departure, various Unreal Tournament ports, and the obligatory VE weirdness.

Linux Q3A Tools

Loki Software has released a beta Linux SDK for Quake III Arena, based in part on id's QERadiant code. The SDK is available from Loki's FTP server and from 3D Downloads. Thanks Blue's News.

History today

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Daikatana Patching

ION Storm took the muzzle off Noel Stephens who updated his .plan with news of ION's plans to patch Daikatana. No timetable was given. There haven't been many reviews of the full game posted yet, so I don't know what problems users might be experiencing.

I checked when I was at Best Buy today (no affiliation, yadda yadda, I was just buying a Handspring Visor PDA) to see if they had Daikatana yet. No such luck. They'd have to have it awfully cheap (and I'd have to read some awfully good reviews) before I'd plunk down some cash for it.

3dfx V5-5500 AGP Delays

3dfx has announced that they are delaying the release of their Voodoo5-5500 AGP video cards. There isn't a specific reason given other than "field failure rates at very low levels in certain configurations." Sounds like they may be experiencing some of the same problems that NVIDIA has with the GeForce. They hope to keep the delay to 7-14 days. Thanks Blue's News.

Zappy's Mod for Q3A

I tend to prefer mods that are simple and straightforward. Zappy's is just that. It's a Quake III Arena rocket and railgun instagib mod with a twist. The rockets automatically lock on to their target, but can be shot down. If you get an "excellent" you get magnetic grenades which are an absolute riot. If you are playing rocket instagib, the railgun transports your target. If you are playing railgun instagib, the rockets transport your target. Very simple, very cool. Check out Zappy's mod page then download the mod! You need to have the 1.17 patch installed to play.

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