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Monday, May 29, 2000

Rendition Interview

There's an interview with Jay Eisenlohr, Director of Business Development for the Integrated Products Group at Micron, over on Chick's Hardware. Basically, it states that Rendition, now known as the IPG group of Micron, is out of the graphics chipset business. No surprise to anyone out there.

Both A.T. and I owned Rendition chipset boards in the past, and while they were very functional and cheap for their time, Rendition would have had a hard time catching up with 3dfx, or now Nvidia in performance and features.

A.T. Hun comments: The article also proves that just because you are a "chick" it doesn't mean that you have a better grasp of the English language than anybody else. This passage at the end is very peculiar:
Rendition may not be in the 3d graphics market, but they are still making technology that will blow you away.
Namely what? Ever since Micron bought them, they have succeeded in bringing absolutely nothing to market.

U.S. Memorial Day

Today is the day in the United States that we remember our servicemen and women who gave their lives in defense of their country. Without their heroism, we would not have all the freedoms we enjoy today. I am very thankful that my generation has never had to face a draft or the cataclysmic world wars that our grandparents did. It's high time that we recognize the sacrifices they made for us to have a better life.

The Master comments: I myself am very thankful we have this day for rememberance of those who died so that we could be free. To those who have fought, and those who have died, Thank You.

New wHeretic release

Over on the wHeretic page, there's a new release of the wHeretic Windows version of Heretic based on the released source code from Raven.

Heretic is still one of my favorite FPSes, it has so much more character over the other FPSes on the market before and after it.

History today

Sunday, May 28, 2000

Memory $ on the rise

Once again, Micron is planning to jack up their memory prices again. Whee. I bet all those companies that got out of the memory business are kicking themselves right now.

New Q3A Jailbreak

The Jailbreak page has been updated with a new beta 2 of the Quake 3 version of Jailbreak. JB is a teamplay mod where team members are taken to jail when killed, and when a whole team is captured in jail, they can be wiped out for a bonus.

A.T. Hun comments: Actually, this is the second part of the beta 2 to be released. The first part was released last week (story). Part 2 contains five maps, three of which are brand new.

Gamespy interviews Looking Glass

Gamespy has posted an interview with Tim "EvilSpirit" Stellmach, a former game designer from Looking Glass. The article has an explaination for the sudden closing of Looking Glass, makers of the popular Thief games.

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