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Monday, June 5, 2000

Linux Gaming

GameSpot has a very nice (and very long) article on the past, present, and future of playing games under Linux. As I recounted in my installing the NVIDIA XFree86 4.0 drivers article, setting up your system for gaming under Linux can still be harrowing. Once XFree86 4.0 gets in the major Linux distributions and Creative Labs gets its OpenAL audio drivers out, Linux will be a viable platform for gaming. Then I will be one step closer to nuking Windows off my hard disk forever. And then I'm gonna laugh. Thanks Slashdot.

Pondering the Imponderable

Greetings from sunny Minnesota! I am very thankful that my inlaws will soon have a PIII because this only Win3.x system is REALLY slow. Guess I'm jaded. Anyway, if you don't understand my comment in today's history section, you have to watch the first episode of the fourth series of Monty Python. Then everything will be clear. More news when the real computer comes in. Is that the U.P.S. guy?

The Master comments: Sucks to be you A.T. :-) Then again, when I update from my parent's place, I've got to use a WebTV machine. Doh. BTW: When I get that history DB done, I hope you realize I'm keeping your comment. Heh.

UPDATE! 11:00 P.M. The computer did arrive, so I spent the late afternoon and evening installing the hardware and a bunch of software. A couple of points:I'm glad I was here to set everything up for them, but I'm beginning to understand why techs charge $50/hour or more for this. But my inlaws are buying tickets for us to go to the Eric Idle show. That and they buy me good beer (Summit IPA and Extra Pale Ale).

Ukraine to Shutdown Chernobyl

According to Yahoo! News, Ukraine Announces Chernobyl Closure Date of December 15, which will perminantly shut down the site of the worst nuclear reactor accident in history.

BTW: If anyone knows how I can get a copy of the National Geographic TV show with the investigation of the damaged reactor by robots, I'd really appeciate an email. Also, I'd appreciate an email if anyone can direct me to a good book on the accident, or one on Three-Mile Island.

id Announces Doom

Blue has received a formal announcement of the as-yet unnamed DOOM game under development over at id. It doesn't have any details than John Carmack's .plan (story), but it's for-real (tm) now folks :-)

Some More Sin

I've been playing Sin over the weekend (story), and WOW! what a game :-) When I first got this thing shortly after release it was just awful, crashing and GPFing, and generally being very unstable. I patched that sucker and it's been a wild ride. I'm bummed that I'm coming to the end, but heck, it's gotta end sometime. For those who crow about Half-Life, Sin would have at LEAST been it's equal if it had been released as bug-free as HL was. If you can find Sin cheap on a store shelf-pick it up-it's a great game.

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Sunday, June 4, 2000

New Q3F Beta

There's a new beta version 1d of Q3F over on the Q3F homepage. For details on what's new-check here.

Deus Ex has gone RC 1!

According to PlanetUnreal, Release Candidate 1 of Deus Ex has been released to testing at Eidos. This is VERY good news! I'm looking forward to this game.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the last game started by Ion Storm is going to be the third one released?

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