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Friday, June 9, 2000

UT Postmortem

There's an interesting postmortem of the development of Unreal Tournament over on Gamasutra. Check it out. Thanks Blue.

More on id's Move

id's Christian Antkow updated his .plan with news that their move will most definitely cause some Internet connectivity problems.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, which I don't really want to get into at this time, we will more than likely have a serious disruption with our network. Here's a snip:

I am making it my highest priority to get the Quake 3 authentication servers transitioned to the new office seemlessly by tommorow evening. I am hoping that there will be little to no disruption with the Q3A authentication servers.

Our webserver, FTP server, Mail, and more than likely, DNS server will be inactive for an indeterminate amount of time starting at approximately 11am CST on Saturday, June 10th. I'm am going to try to find a solution over the weekend to get mail limping along.

Again, this is a situation beyond our control. Through this experience, I've put ISP's and Phone Companies somewhere a few points higher than lawyers on my "scum scale rating" (previously, lawyers held a commanding lead on this scale)
Hehe. Glad to know that it's not just the little guys who have these "issues."

Pondering the Imponderable

OK, I'm really sick of some Daikatana reviewers attempting to make their reviews seem more "legit" by taking potshots at anyone who gave a negative review of the game. I find it rather ironic that sites that boldly display Daikatana banner ads have the unmitigated gall to tell me that my opinion doesn't count. If they can't make their points clearly and directly, they should't waste my time with their ad hominem arguments.

In happier news, I'm going to see the Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame) show tonight in the Twin Cities. I've been looking forward to this for some time and, thanks to the generousity of my inlaws, we're going to be able to go. It should be very, very silly indeed.

J.t.Qbe comments: Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more

New Trojan Horse

CNN is reporting that there is a new Trojan Horse going around the Net hidden in a movie clip. A security firm found out about it when the Trojan tried to break into their systems. It is assumed that these hackers are using the program to set up a massive DDOS attack, but that hasn't been proven yet. I saw this on CNBC this morning and found the link on Slashdot.

id is Moving

According to Graeme Devine's .plan update id is moving to their new offices today, which could cause some minor disruptions in Q3A online games today
We're moving office today. Of course, various forces have collected to ensure that our T3 line is not moving over smoothly, so Xian has had his hands full (well, mostly his ear on his phone) getting things lined up.

We will be installing a second master/auth/motd server at the new office so that when the switch happens, things should go smoothly. Of course, things may not go smoothly, in which case, the master server will be down. If the auth server goes down, all servers automatically authenticate, so the worst case scenario is that the in game browser will report no response from the master.

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Thursday, June 8, 2000

Carmack on Keygens

John Carmack made a very brief post over on /. with his views on the Q3A key generators that supposedly create usable game keys for playing Q3A online.
The "key generators" are all fakes. Some of them look like they work for a while because servers you have visited with a valid key keep a cache to let you in again.

As far as we know, there are no real key generators. If there were, we would have much more significant support issues.

We certainly will drop the CD-in-the-drive-for-single-player check in a future patch, that is our standard procedure after a game's primary sales are over.

Half-Life Ded. Server 1.1 Available

The Half-Life version 1.1 dedicated server binaries are available for downloading. Here's some links:Thanks Blue.

Half-Life Update Available

Unfortunately, it's only via the Sierra Auto-Update interface, but for most people that's fine :-) When I can find a link to the files I'll be sure to get a list online here.

Update!Here's a list of download locations for all the various releases:

New CS Linux Server Released

There's a new version 6.5 of the HL Counter-Strike mod for Linux available on the Counter-Strike Homepage. You will need to download the entire 50mb patch, since there is no patch available.

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