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Thursday, June 22, 2000


Okay, I have a question for the drivers in the crowd (I don't drive-so I guess I wouldn't know). Why in the **** can't people get out of the way of emergency vehicles on the friggin highway? My wife was driving me to work today, and here's this cop on the other side with lights on desperately trying to get down the highway and here's a line of 6 or 7 idiots driving in the left-hand lane RIGHT NEXT to cars in the right, so the cop can't pass. And NOBODY got out of his way.

My solution? A REALLY large weapon system in the emergency vehicle. Someone gets in the way, someone gets vaporized. Grrrr...

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Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Shogo/SiN Release Dates

While I was gone at conference, Linux Games announced that the distributor for Hyperion's ports of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division and SiN to Linux, Titan Computer has announced release dates for these two titles. Here's the news:
The distributors of the new Linux titles being ported by Hyperion Software have announced that the expected release dates for Shogo: Mobile Armor Division and Sin will be august and september respectively. Tux Games has announced availability of pre-order facilities for both Sin and Shogo.
Methinks that I may need to get in touch with Hyperion's Thomas Frieden (check out my interview with him on the The Haus of Shogo) to see if I can get my mitts on a review copy!

FWIW, the preorder page for Shogo is here and the preorder page for SiN is here. Both games will be going for a very reasonable $27. No affiliation, yadda, yadda.

Mozilla M16 Under Linux

I downloaded and installed Mozilla M16 for Linux today. All I can say is WOW! It displays pages faster and more accurately the Netscape 4.73. The pages look like they should, instead of the mess that Linux browsers can sometime make of them. If you run Linux you owe it to yourself to download Mozilla M16!

One caveat, I downloaded the i386 installer first, but the installer didn't want to work on my system. So I just downloaded the i386 tarball and everything's good.

SiN Soon for Linux

Linux Games is reporting that Hyperion software has updated their progress report on their port of SiN to Linux. The game should be going into beta very soon. More gaming goodness for Penguinistas!

Win32 Q3A Under Linux, Revisited

I followed the instructions for getting the Win32 version of Quake III Arena working under Linux (story). Actually I feel pretty stupid now. I should have known that the Linux executable would be included with the Linux 1.17 patch since it is included with the Win32 patch. At any rate, it works great! With the .93 NVIDIA XFree 4.0 drivers, my framerate is exactly the same under Linux as it is under Windows 98. The "jittery mouse" problem I experienced with the demo is not there with the full 1.17 version.

Now I just have to figure out which of the mods I have use QVMs and try them under Linux! I'm one step closer to being M$-free!

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