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Wednesday, July 12, 2000

FilePlanet Brain Transplant

I just saw on Planet Quake (actually, this was posted yesterday) that File Planet received an upgrade yesterday. Hopefully this will fix the problems I and many others have been experiencing with them lately, especially with slow to no response from their Gamespy FTP.

UPDATE! I just tried to download a mod from the FilePlanet FTP and it gave me the old "document contains no data" error. Sigh.

Zvezda launch successful

According to Yahoo! News, the launch of the International Space Station's Zvezda module was successful with orbital insertion at 11:06am. Good news for ISS supporters (like myself).

A.T. Hun comments: Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station! Oop. Erm. Sorry.

The Master comments: BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! *Cough* *gasp* Good one :-)

M$ aquires NetGames USA

According to Blue, Microsoft has aquired NetGames USA, the company behind the UnrealTournament ranking system (ngWorlsStats). According to the press release, support for current, non-M$ games will be continued. Another one bites the dust . . .

IE 5.5 released

Even though I know this will make J.T. retch, Microsoft has announced the final release of Internet Explorer 5.5. I haven't looked at it-I hope it's stability has improved some, since I still get machine-killing GPFs from 5.0 often enough to make IE frustrating.

A.T. Hun comments: IE 5.5: guaranteed to make your browsing experience suck somewhat less!

UPDATE! I installed IE 5.5 and I'd like to thank M$ for being so kind as to have the installer reset all my Internet settings and make IE the default browser even though I'd sooner be poked in the eye with a soldering iron than have that. Thanks a bunch.

J.t.Qbe takes a break from dry heaves to refrain from making a gratuitous anti-Microsoft comment or saying "I told you so. . ."

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

PalmOS Dot Commands

Phew! I'm really into this new Alternate OS section. I just whipped up another "HOWTO" talking about PalmOS Dot Commands. Dot commands are useful, but undocumented, features of the PalmOS. Some can come in handy, others can cause you to lose data, so use them with care!

Transferring Visor ROM

To give our new Alternate OS section a proper christening, I have added our first PalmOS "HOWTO" entitled Transferring Visor ROM with a USB Cradle. It all started when I wanted to get the PalmOS Emulator running on my computer. I needed to transfer the ROM from my Visor in order to get it working. Unfortunately, the Emulator's transfer function can only use serial cradles. Through the miracle of the Internet, I was able to discover a solution. Click here to find out how.

New Section: Alternate OS!

Ever since The Master and I gave The Haus a minor facelift, we have had a section called "Linux Stuff". I really never got around to doing much with it. In addition, J.t.Qbe and I had been talking about writing some PalmOS articles and he had been dabbling with VMS and BSD as well. Thus a solution suggested itself, a new section called Alternate OS!

It's a big non-Microsoft world out there, and we at The Haus hope to bring you the best of it. Right now, we're focusing on Linux and PalmOS, but expect this section to expand as time goes on.

No Cash? No Problem!

Obviously Eidos' bonuses are not directly tied to profits. The Register is reporting that Eidos execs were given handsome bonuses, despite the fact that the company lost £27 million. Maybe I don't feel so sorry for them about the whole Daikatana thing after all. Thanks Evil Avatar.

8M Palm Fixes

CNet posted an article on the various PalmOS-based handheld manufacturers attempts to fix the 8M chip problem, brought to us by our good friends *cough* at Micron. This article also confirms what we already knew, that the problem stems from the chip's inability to properly recover from self-refreshing when a Palm device is off. Thanks Palm Power.

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