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Thursday, August 3, 2000

RA:UT 1.41 1.42

A pair of new versions of Rocket Arena for Unreal Tournament were released today. The latest version, 1.42, fixes a number of bugs including a big one that was introduced in 1.41 earlier today *cough*. At any rate, here are the links, liberally yanked from RA:UT homepage.Thanks Frans.

Other Cool OpenUT News

Somehow I missed this yesterday. This news item on Linux Games gives a couple of extra tidbits about the status of UT for Linux/OpenUT. The biggest news is that Loki plans to add 3D audio to Unreal Tournament via OpenAL!

Hint to Creative Labs: Get those OpenAL drivers done for my SoundBlaster Live!

Pondering the Imponderable

The Master is taking a few well-deserved days of R&R here, so you are stuck with me and J.t.Qbe (when he has a rare moment of lucidity). Let's just hope the database doesn't blow up in the next couple of days.

In the "now you're not cooking with gas" department, a crew of trained monkeys managed to hit a gas main just north of here so we're without hot water. Thankfully we have an electric stove. There's gonna be some lawsuits from this one, methinks.

Jailbreak Quickie--Follow-Up

I found out last night that the reason I couldn't get the Jailbreak for Quake III Arena map called q3jblifer2 "Solitary Confinement" is because I had to add +set com_hunkmegs 80 to the start-up shortcut for Jailbreak. After that it loaded fine. People on 64M systems may have some problems then.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

Jailbreak Quickie

I've been playing a bit of the Jailbreak for Quake III Arena final beta (story). So far, I'm very impressed. One map won't load for me, but other than that, bot play has been a blast. Highly recommended.

UT 425 D3D Beta Patch

OK, stop me if you've heard this one before: Epic releases an Unreal Tournament patch, D3D cards throw up all over the place, Epic released a beta d3ddrv.dll. Sigh. Well, it happened again. You can get the beta dll here. As always, make a backup of the original DLL in case this one makes things worse. Does anyone besides me wonder if the UT engine will ever be free of D3D problems?

Jason Hall Interview

PlanetCrap (I typed PlanetCarp the first time--that's something different) posted an interview with Monolith CEO, Jason Hall. They hit on some key topics regarding LithTech's past, present, and future. Unfortunately, this is another interview where a question about Shogo support would have been worthwhile, but it never came. Oh well. Thanks Blue.

The Master comments: You're just gonna have to break down and do that one yourself A.T. Somehow I doubt he'd want to do that interview tho-I think he'd just rather bury Shogo in that unmarked grave next to Blood and move on to bigger and more GP inflating things.

Linux Elite 4?

Whilst perusing Linux Games, I came across this news item. According to the Elite 4 FAQ, Linux is listed as a probable platform for the game. I hope Elite 4 turns out to be as much fun as the original. Of course, I'm going to have to wait until 2002 to find out.

Loki and OpenUT

When the 425 patch for Linux Unreal Tournament was released yesterday, I wondered aloud if the OpenUT project was dead. My questions were answered in these replies on Linux Games. The main force behind OpenUT, Daniel Vogel, has been hired by Loki. He is going to clean up the code a bit and release the parts that he can. So basically OpenUT has been absorbed by Loki. IMHO, this is A Good Thing to help keep this project moving forward and to encourage other developers to do something similar.

More details on Caldera-SCO deal

Yahoo! News has more details on the Caldera-SCO deal in an article entitled "Caldera Platform to Accomodate Both Linux and UNIX, which also contains the announcement that Caldera is buying only the Server Software and Professional Services divisions of SCO, and plans to use the Professional Services division to setup the new UNIX-Linux internet platform.

I'm really not sure what this means for the future of SCO UnixWare. I do hope they continue it's development, but who knows what will happen now. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Thanks Dave.

Writers of the Lost Ark now open

Kenn Hokestra has gotten his Writers of the Lost Ark online, and it has the "Land of Confusion" tale on it that was originally being written installment-style in Bob Love's .plan. Unfortunately, the site appears to be designed for 1024x768+ res, but check it out anyway :-)

More Fun with OpenVMS

Article number two of J.t.Qbe's series on the VAX and OpenVMS is now online! In this episode, he talks about the trials and travails that come along with gathering the hardware and software together to get your very own VAX running. The quest might not be easy, but you would be amazed what you can find in used electronics stores. If you haven't done so already, make sure to check out the first article in this series too!

As always, all our "Alternate OS" articles (covering Linux, PalmOS, and VMS) can be found here.

Ask Sweeney

Voodoo Extreme has posted another issue of their Ask (Epic's Tim) Sweeney column. This time he talks about the future of Machinima, 3D graphics on laptops, and programming languages and XML. A good, but obviously quite techy, read.

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