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Friday, August 4, 2000

Carmack interview

Stomped has got a great interview with John Carmack online. Check it out, good stuff abounds.

Goodnight Diamond

According to this press release, S3 has closed their Diamond Multimedia division, to focus on the Rio product line.

So, okay, S3 has dumped their graphics business, pulled the plug on board design and manufacture, and is left with the Rio MP3 player, and nothing else. Wow, I'm impressed. S3 is dead. They have nothing left to offer, especially now that there's 4 million companies offering players cheaper with more RAM nowadays.

A.T. Hun comments: <SARCASM> I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Diamond for their excellent driver support throughout the years </SARCASM>

Some Shogo News

I just made my every-so-often sweep through the Planet Shogo forums and saw some posts from Sspeare, the author of the Squishie (Man vs. Mecha) mod for Shogo. Squishie is my favorite mod for ANY game. He asked about what it would take to get people playing Shogo again, since he now works for LithTech. I posted and emailed him begging him to update Squishie to work with the Shogo 2.2 patch. I hope he takes me up on it. Of course, then I probably wouldn't have any time to post news! (not that I've done much of that today)


In the wake of A.T. Hun's apparent abduction by aliens (good luck, A.T.), I've been searching the web for interesting news so that we publish something today. However, it's apparently a slow news day everywhere. So, it's time to start publishing rumors!
While skimming through comp.os.vms, I ran across a post which claimed that the longest uptime for a VMS system is the system which runs Ireland's railroad switching system. The system has reportedly been running since 1983 with no crashes or reboots. Yes, that's 17 years--longer than I've been using IBM-type PCs. Unbelievable? Well, maybe for an Intel/Micro$oft system (we have an NT server which is rebooted every morning to avoid a certain crash), but life is different in the VAX/VMS world. Now THAT'S stable! (And I'll be trying to verify this rumor--stay tuned. . .)

A.T. Hun comments: Nope, no aliens. I checked the news this morning and there was nothing worth reporting (still isn't) so my family and I went out of town for the day.

Thursday, August 3, 2000

RA:UT 1.41 1.42

A pair of new versions of Rocket Arena for Unreal Tournament were released today. The latest version, 1.42, fixes a number of bugs including a big one that was introduced in 1.41 earlier today *cough*. At any rate, here are the links, liberally yanked from RA:UT homepage.Thanks Frans.

Other Cool OpenUT News

Somehow I missed this yesterday. This news item on Linux Games gives a couple of extra tidbits about the status of UT for Linux/OpenUT. The biggest news is that Loki plans to add 3D audio to Unreal Tournament via OpenAL!

Hint to Creative Labs: Get those OpenAL drivers done for my SoundBlaster Live!

Pondering the Imponderable

The Master is taking a few well-deserved days of R&R here, so you are stuck with me and J.t.Qbe (when he has a rare moment of lucidity). Let's just hope the database doesn't blow up in the next couple of days.

In the "now you're not cooking with gas" department, a crew of trained monkeys managed to hit a gas main just north of here so we're without hot water. Thankfully we have an electric stove. There's gonna be some lawsuits from this one, methinks.

Jailbreak Quickie--Follow-Up

I found out last night that the reason I couldn't get the Jailbreak for Quake III Arena map called q3jblifer2 "Solitary Confinement" is because I had to add +set com_hunkmegs 80 to the start-up shortcut for Jailbreak. After that it loaded fine. People on 64M systems may have some problems then.

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