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Saturday, August 12, 2000

New 'Lith Mecha Game?

There's a rumor going around that started at Voodoo Extreme that Monolith is working on a new mecha-based game. It won't, however, be Shogo 2. I'm interested, but there is so little information out there right now it's impossible even to know what the premise of the game will be.

UPDATE! It sounds like it's going to be a fighting game a la One Must Fall. Drat. I was hoping to be able to jump in and around buildings again.

Tom's Hardware on NVIDIA Linux

Tom's Hardware posted his impressions of NVIDIA's Linux drivers. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Linux is shown in a very positive light and Tom has fine things to say about the drivers as well. He even gives a readable installation guide, showing how he got things running under SuSE. Although he doesn't test the original TNT, you know from my work here that the NVIDIA drivers work great even with the grandaddy of the GeForce. Thanks Linux Games.

Heavy Metal: FAKK2 Demo Links

Yessir, it's out there and all 72.4M are waiting for you to download! Here are the download links courtesy of Blue's News.

Friday, August 11, 2000

Heavy Metal: FAKK2 Demo

Ritual's Mark Dochtermann updated his .plan with news of the impending release of the demo for Heavy Metal: FAKK2. Here's a snip:
The demo has been uploaded to Gigex and should be on their site by Midnight CST. We will be releasing a patch for the entire game early next week. The demo consists of:

4 different levels
3 different Julie Skins
8 different weapons
5 different monsters

Grab the demo, you won't be sorry.
I'm pretty interested in checking it out. I'll have to see if I can get through tonight.

The Carmack, Part II

Gamecenter has posted the second part of their interview with id's John Carmack. This half deals with online gaming with consoles and the "death" of PC gaming.

Random News

Our very own J sent in some news blurbs he read in the August 1 issue of Games Business magazine:I'm surprised I haven't seen MX-based cards out already. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

Intel Dumping RAMBUS?

In the hot-and-juicy,-but-I'm-not-so-sure-it's-true department, Cahners Electronics Group is reporting that they have received documents indicating that Intel will dump RAMBUS for the mainstream PC market. Here's a quote:
Intel's Desktop 2001 Roadmap Update indicates direct Rambus DRAM (RDRAM) will only be used in the high-end desk-top market. Until last month, Intel had promised that RDRAM would be the exclusive memory for the Pentium 4 (P4). Now an undefined SDRAM memory (probably PC133 or DDR) will be used in its place.
While this isn't surprising given the problems plaguing RAMBUS, it is surprising in that it is a major turnaround in Intel's strategy. If it is true, it is welcome news. Thanks Slashdot.

Tell ASUS Where to Go

ASUS put up a discussion forum for their new see-through drivers for their GeForce-based cards. I strongly urge everyone to go their site and tell them how you feel. Be civil, but make your point. Thanks Blue.

UPDATE! ASUS's Taiwan server, which is normally abysmally slow, is even worse now. The .asp script they are using for the poll is crashing, presumably from too many votes.

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