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Friday, August 18, 2000


The Cynic over at Evil Avatar linked to some exquisite theatre for your viewing pleasure. What could this celluloid breakthrough be? Why none other than Godzilla 2000! Hmm. And I just happen to be going on vacation on Sunday. Hmm. I may have to take this one in. Twice. I just LOVE a good rubber monster movie.

New 3dfx Linux Drivers

3dfx has released new XFree 4.0.x drivers for their Voodoo3/4/5/Banshee line of cards. They are available both as binaries and as source code. As much as I might tend to rip on 3dfx, I certainly have to give them credit for their Linux support which has been excellent for a long time. Thanks Blue.

Pondering the Imponderable

Now that I've discovered my problems with the Afterburner 3.0p overclocking hack for my Handspring Visor, it made perfect sense that I couldn't get the Liberty Gameboy emulator to work since I was actually underclocking my Visor (doh!). So I tried Liberty again today with a profoundly bad freeware Gameboy ROM.

I tried overclocking my Visor to 26Mhz and 30Mhz (default speed is 16Mhz). Both settings worked, and the game was more or less playable. The control response was rather sluggish. I think I could hear my batteries screaming in agony from the extra drain. So although Liberty is a cool technology, I'm not sure how practical it is.

Webdog Problems

As you may have noticed, our Webdog finger and news site trackers have been very flaky for the past day or so. Blue's News (the host of Webdog) has been having some server problems. When they have problems, so do our trackers. Hopefully the good folks in the Blue Tower will get things figured out soon.

Bloodbath Arena Now on PlanetQuake

Wraith managed to get his mod, Bloodbath Arena, hosted on PlanetQuake. This will enable him to use FilePlanet, etc., for downloading his mod when it is complete. That's something that we don't have the bandwidth for here at The Haus. Naturally, his site here will stay up as well.

Deus Ex 2

Gamespy is reporting that Warren Spector plans to make a sequel to Deus Ex, tentatively titled (gasp) Deus Ex 2. If I were you, I'd run down to the local EB and demand to know when they are going to have that bad boy in stock! I suspect it will be November 5, 2003. Maybe by that time I'll have a video card that can actually allow me to play Deus Ex 1.

The Master comments: WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2000


Just upgraded my work PC from a Gateway P3-450 to a Dell Dimension XPS P3-700. Folks, something is seriously borked in either the current Dell Mobos, or in Windows 98 Second Edition, because my old P450 was a HECK of a lot better, faster, and more stable machine overall than my mew P3-700. Overall, we purchased like 5 of these new Dell machines, and EVERY SINGLE ONE is unstable as heck, crashes, lockups, you name it. Ick. I hope they get a BIOS upgrade out soon to fix this crud, I've always really liked Dell machines and recommended them to those who could afford them. This machine could change my mind on that policy . . .

Netscape 4.75 released

Netscape has released Netscape Navigator 4.75 over on their FTP site. Enjoy the incremental upgrade. If IE keeps wiping my work machine, I may have to switch there just 'cuze I can't stand watching the EXACT SAME GPF happen every time I close IE5.5.

Agenda Is On My Agenda

Agenda Computing has announced the Agenda VR3, a Linux-based PDA. Target date is October. It's rumored that the prices will start around $150. This is very slick. Check it out!

A.T. Hun comments: Now THIS one seems to have some potential. I'm sure the "runs on Linux" tag will sell some all by itself. I like the fact that it can beam to PalmOS devices. Of course, I already have a PDA (my Visor Deluxe) that seems to be able to do everything that this one will . . .

New Go!Zilla

My copy of Go!Zilla made a sound I hadn't heard before today. After my heart went back to beating normally, I read the message saying that Go!Zilla 3.9 is available for download. Go!Zilla is a handy file downloading utility that will allow you to restart stalled downloads, automatically search for mirrors, and much more. I can even get it to dial my ISP again and restart the download if I get disconnected (which happens all too often). Highly recommended, especially for us poor modem-bound folks.

More Aureal News

Vortex of Sound has more news on the attempted sale of Aureal's technology. It seems that Guillemot and Creative got into a bit of a bidding war so Creative's bid shot up to US$21 million. The creditors better be careful that they don't end up asking for too much and have one or both companies drop out. The sad thing is that it seems that Aureal's primary asset is the pending lawsuit vs. Creative. Thanks loonyboi.

Obi-Wan Interview

Computer Gaming Online posted an interview with LucasArts' Stephen Shaw about his upcoming shooter (slasher?) Episode I: Obi-Wan. He tries to explain the lightsaber controls, but I think it's going to be one of those things you have to try to understand. The interviewer also quotes him as referring to "iron grenades" but I wonder if he really said "ion grenades". We shall see. Thanks Blue.

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