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Monday, August 21, 2000

Pondering the Imponderable

Hey kids! It's your old pal A.T. checking in from the beautiful state of Michigan! I'm waxing a bit nostalgic right now as I am using my parents computer which used to be my computer. Seems like old times.

It seems like I gave The Master the perfect first day of solo news since there was NONE yesterday. We all get lucky occasionally. Now if I can just get my parents' ISP's DNS server to recognize that exists just as well as exists, we'll be all set. Must be an NT box.

The Master comments: Heh-actually, it might be partially due to my having Crawl makes some DNS changes for us-our email was completely hosed up, so we're gonna take a shot at this and see how she flies. I hope like an Eagle, not like a weasel.

Deus Ex hardware tweak guide

PlanetHardware threw up a new hardware tweak guide for Deus Ex. For those who have some trouble with this game, it's worth a peek.

Quake Info Pool

Blue had a link up today about the Quake Info Pool, a site dedicated to the original Quake 1 game. They have an excellent bug list online, and binaries are also posted removing most of those bugs. Excellent site for those who are still Q1 junkies (like my wife, for instance :-)


Well, I'm your host at the sheeew for the next week, so bear with me if the news doesn't show up in a timely manner. Unfortunately, my job doesn't allow me much time in the morning anymore to get news updates online, but I'll do my best while the mighty A.T. gets some well-earned vacation time with the fam.

I've been playing a TON of Deus Ex this last 3 weeks or so (as A.T. and my wife would LOVE pointing out) and it's been a blast. You know a game is getting under your skin when you'll blow a half-hour repeatedly trying to save a hostage who keeps getting blown away on you. This one is highly recommended if you have the hardware to run it. Go, get it now :-)

Today's User Friendly was a riot. I've never seen such a perfect description of how chat rooms and IRC have gone downhill nowadays. Good one Iliad.

Sunday, August 20, 2000

John Romero 20-questions

Gamespy has a 20 Questions with John Romero online. It contains some interesting stuff, including a picture of John's desktop.

In addition, the article had a link to John Romero's personal website, Planet Romero. If you want to wait 20 minutes for the title banner, and see a picture of Stevie showing off her medical enhancement, take a peek.

A.T. Hun comments: Better living through science.

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