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Sunday, August 27, 2000

J.t. Gets Shocked

Unable to resist the temptation, I picked up System Shock 2 in its new "EA Classics" incarnation for $15 last week. Wow! It definitely lives up to the standard set by its predecessor. It's a first-person game in which you play a military type (you pick which type) with cybernetic implants. You wake up on the first superluminal starship and have to figure out why all the crew members are dead. . . and what those mutant creatures are. . . Imagine Thief on a starship. It's a great game to play late at night with the lights off, if you have the guts. Although it makes my P-200 cry for mercy, the game still runs well. Undoubtedly one of the best games I've played in a long time. Highly, highly recommended! Give it a look! (That means you, A.T. and T.M.)

Pondering the Imponderable

I may have to go on vacation more often. In the whole week that I've been gone, I only got four pieces of spam. For a while there I was getting deluged with it. That's A Good Thing (tMS). While it has been a nice vacation, I'm looking forward to getting back home. Something about sleeping in your own bed is very nice.

I bought a couple of sweet guitar books yesterday to help teach my to play the Charvel Tele I bought this past week. Ironically enough, I bought it from the same store where I sold my bass about five years ago. Now I just have to save up for a Marshall 30W practice amp and the violence can REALLY commence :)

I've also been forced to use Internet Explorer 5.x this whole week, which is just about enough to make me want to throw myself on a rusty serrated spoon.

Saturday, August 26, 2000

Liberty Author Writes PalmOS Trojan

The author of Liberty (the Gameboy emulator for PalmOS devices) is also the author of the first Trojan Horse, of sorts, for the PalmOS. He wrote a fake crack for Liberty which was supposed to make a shareware version the same as the registered version. In reality, it is a Trojan Horse which deletes all programs stored on your Palm device. He attempts to explain and defend his actions on PalmStation.

My take? If you are downloading cracks, you are playing with fire. However, this doesn't give him the right to release destructive code and hide behind the old "I didn't intend it to spread" defense. As if releasing it on IRC was going to keep it private. It was stupid and the author deserves all the flak he's going to get. It's a pity to an extent, since Liberty is some very cool code.

Pavlock on Q3:TA

Rogue's Bobby Pavlock updated his .plan with his impressions of Quake III: Team Arena (it rules) and work on Alice (the game). Here's a snip:
Hey all, just checkin' in to see what all you cats are up to. As for myself, well us Rogue-types cruised out to the new id offices last night for a little beta testing for Team Arena, and all I can say is "WOW!" That is by far some of the most fun I've had in a long, long time. The new maps are sweet, of course. But what really rocks the gameplay are the new powerups, weapons, items, and gameplay types. Man, oh man! The chaingun is, how can I put it... BADASS! When you're firing that thing it feels like you're carrying around a big 30MM gun from an A-10 and chopping people into pieces. The kamikaze item is insane. If you like blowing people up, you'll love that one. But my favorite, by far, was the new powerups. One in particluar was my power-up of choice. I loved it so much that when one of my teammates would take it, I would be yelling and screaming at them for taking it :) Long story short - Team Arena rocked my socks off!
Now to figure out how I'm going to buy Q3:TA without my wife divorcing me . . .

New CounterStrike Beta

Well, those crazy kids on the CounterStrike for Half-Life mod have released yet another beta version which you can snag from their homepage. This mod has had more beta versions than I've had hot dinners. Here's to hoping a non-beta version is coming soon.

Deus Ex walkthrough

There's a new Deus Ex walkthrough up over at Daily Radar. Good stuff.

I managed to make do in Deus Ex without any walkthroughs or hits except for having to get help once on a level that was rather tricky. Except for problems in the very last map (I can't load games in any of the last two levels-I always have to restart from a really long way back) DX is an excellent game.

UT Menu Issues

The Unreal Technology page was updated by Jack Porter. He talks about a problem that many people (myself included) have experienced in Unreal Tournament. When you have a large number of mods installed, the menus load very slowly. This issue will be addressed in the next patch and mod-makers need to slightly change the way their mods add stuff to the menus. Thanks Frans.

DNS Issues Fixed?

Well, kids, I can once again view this page at from my folks' Internet provider. Hopefully this means all of our problems are solved. If you can't see this message, send us an email :)

The Master comments: Heh-I hope it's fixed-our DNS servers were restarted yesterday in an effort to get things straightened out after they bottomed out yesterday. Looking good so far...

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