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Saturday, September 2, 2000

My Picks for NFL Week #1

Since Saturdays are usually slow anyway, this year I want to try giving my picks for the National Football League games for that week. I'll keep a running tally of my record. I'm sure it'll be very entertaining by the end of the year. Hey, could it be worse than Daikatana? I don't think so! Here we go:

Giants, Ravens, Redskins, Vikings, Lions, Colts, Jaguars, Falcons, Bucs, Cowboys, Raiders, Seahawks, Packers, Titans, and Rams. "Can't Miss" pick of the week: Cincinnati will not lose this week.

In other sporting news, my beloved Detroit Tigers pushed over .500 for the first time since they were 1-0 by holding on to beat the Rangers 7-5. The Tigers are now 67-66 which doesn't sound like much until you realize they've gone 58-43 since an abysmal 9-23 start. Kudos to the boys with the olde English "D" for not packing it in and calling it a season. Now they even have an outside chance at a wild-card berth!

SimCity 3000 for Linux Demo

Loki Software has released a demo of their port of SimCity 3000 for Linux. You can download it at FilePlanet. This demo is significant, if for no other reason, because it is the largest demo I have seen yet, weighing in at a modem-incinerating 174.3M. Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

Hall .plan Update

Monolith CEO Jason Hall updated his .plan with this news.
I would have to say that between Sanity and NOLF, Monolith is really passing some milestones.
And we all know how painful that can be <rim-shot>.

Friday, September 1, 2000

UT Linux 428 Patch

Loki has released the 428 patch for Unreal Tournament for Linux. It brings the Linux version up to speed with the Win32 version and addresses a bunch of Linux-specific bugs. You can download the full binaries for a new install or the patch from current installs. Thanks Blue's News.

NOLF Beta Demo Released!

Fox and Monolith have released the beta demo for their Bondesque first-person shooter No One Lives Forever. It weighs in at a hefty 107.8M, so modem users should pack a six-course meal. You can get it from Blue's News, 3D Gamers, Shugashack, Stomped, Voodoo Extreme, Monolith, and last, but not least, the mirrors that are FilePlanet.

Remember this is as much a technology beta as it is a demo, so there may be bugs. Caveat downloador.

Amazon May Sell Your Info

This Yahoo! News article says that Amazon considers your personal information to be an asset. They updated their privacy statement to reflect the fact that they might very well sell the information, although they currently aren't doing it.

Having said all that, my guess would be that every retailer in the world sells every bit of information they can get on you. A lot of information about you is a matter of public record anyway. Privacy is dead, and has been for a while. Thanks sCary.

Pondering the Imponderable

I've had this weird problem with Win98 dial-up networking (DUN) locking up on me. All of the sudden Netscape or my mail reader will bring up the dialog box to reconnect, but DUN just freezes. You can view the connection time and such, but you can't disconnect. Killing RNAAPP causes it to disconnect, but that causes any programs accessing the 'Net to GPF.

I found this article on the M$ support site, which says that downloading an updated version of DUN 1.3 should do the trick. I thought I had a newer version already installed, but a quick peek at c:windowssystem showed me I still had the original installed. I'll keep you posted on whether or not this actually solves the problem.

NOLF Beta/Demo Soon

Monolith CEO Jason Hall updated his .plan with word that the No One Lives Forever beta technology demo will be released within a couple of hours. Here's a snip:
Special note - When you play through the demo, you will accumulate neat new items and weapons. That stuff becomes part of your overall arsenal, so when you finish the demo - GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING AGAIN, and play the demo through a second or even THIRD time to see what happens when you have all the new items available to you that time around. It is very cool, and shows that there is a lot of replayability in the game.
Links to the demo will, of course, be posted right here on The Haus when they become available.

UPDATE! Hall just updated his update (whew!) with this bit of advice for anyone downloading the NOLF demo:
While playing the technology demo, you are likely to experience MUCH more content and game detail if you spend a lot of time sneaking around, hiding in the shadows, eavesdropping on people and gathering up a ton of clue items and such - as opposed to just BLASTING your way through the whole demo.

If you do just try to blast your way through the demo (which you can certainly try to do), you will wind up missing out and not noticing on a lot of neat stuff (such as enemy A.I. tracking you from the rooftops and then getting shot and falling off...)

Pentium 4 and Cases

Sharky Extreme's report from the fall Intel Developers Forum show had several interesting comments on the new Pentium 4 and cases. To accomodate the new CPU, Intel had to update the ATX specification to allow for four posts to secure the CPU and a new type of power supply to give it the juice you need. You may be able to alter your case, but you'll definitely need a new power supply if you go with a P4. Thanks Slashdot.

SoF Gold Info got some more information on the upcoming "Gold" edition of Raven's Soldier of Fortune. The first is that most of the bugs are squashed so it should be out soon. The second is that there will be no co-op mode included. I really wish developers would add this. I realize it's tough with all the scripted sequences that are in games now, but there are few fonder memories in my life than blasting through Doom with a friend. Thanks Blue.

The Master comments: I remember tearing through Quake 1 in co-op. That was an excellent experience as well. Made for some awesome teamplay when the two people can yell and scream together at the same game :-) Heck-that was pretty much how Eeyore and I played back in the QW days too-until Skip and Crawl began wooping our 4$$35.

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