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Tuesday, September 5, 2000

New NVIDIA Linux Drivers

NVIDIA has released new XFree86 4.0.x drivers (this time, version .95). You can download them from NVIDIA's FTP site, although there is nothing on the website about them. Linux Games posted a partial changelog:
  • Improve XFree86 4.0.1 support
  • re-fixed console switch lockup
  • fix some AGP regressions. Better detection/support for AGPGART
  • fix color palette problems (xgamma, direct color visuals)
  • add bios posting override to help with some card problems (M64)
  • update included 2.4 support to newest test kernels
  • Feds Concerned About TW-AOL Merger

    The U.S. government is concerned about the proposed Time Warner-AOL merger. They seem ready to block it unless the companies agree to some concessions, including opening up their cable lines for competitors. I hope the Feds nix this one. TW-AOL would be just too big for its own good. Thanks Maarten.

    Pondering the Imponderable

    I'll take "Slow News Days" for $500, Alex.

    Things were at least moderately interesting around here. My older son went to his first preschool class today--yet another sign that I'm getting old. In an attempt to start my mid-life crisis now, I bought a Peavy Blazer 158 15 watt practice amp today. Getting the amp also showed me that the previous owner of my guitar had put the pickup switch in backwards when he repainted it. A quick flip around later, everything's just fine. Time for some cacophany!

    New GameSpy 2.22

    GameSpy Industries has released shareware version 2.22 of GameSpy. You can download it on Fileplanet. Thanks Blue.

    Interview with American McGee has an interview with American McGee on their news section. Interesting stuff. I'm going to have to take a look at this one when it comes out-could be a fascinating-tho very dark and bloody-game.

    My son won't be seeing any of this one. Course, I'd prefer he stick to Reader Rabbit myself :-)

    Monday, September 4, 2000

    NFL Week #1: Results

    The first week in the NFL is done and I did quite well with my picks (story). I ended up 11-4 for a handsome .733 winning percentage. A glance at next week's schedule leads me to believe that I won't have it so easy. We shall see!

    GeForce2 MX Shootout

    If you are like The Master and I are (and heaven help you if you are), then you like to upgrade your computer in steps that will not result in divorce or spontaneous decapitation. With just such folks in mind, Tom's Hardware presents a GeForce2 MX Shootout. They put a number of cards based on NVIDIA's low-end solution through their paces to see which really gives the most bang for the buck. Thanks sCary.

    More on the Micron Suit

    Lost Circuits has an article discussing the basis for Micron suing RAMBUS. Micron alleges that RAMBUS patented JEDEC (an electronics standard consortium) standards without disclosing said patents, a violation of JEDEC policy. They also allege that RAMBUS patented designs retroactively after they had been established as open standards. If this is all true, I hope Micron and Hyundai take them for all their worth. Thanks Ars Technica.

    The Master comments: Personally, I hope they lose so much money over this fiasco that Intel has to buy them out and public-domain the patents just to calm the furor. Friggin' lawyers-they're trying really dang hard to stifle innovation in the marketplace. Must be greed talking.

    Linux Elitism

    Linux Power posted an interesting commentary, talking about elitism in the Linux/Open Source community. There are a vociferous few who frown on anyone who don't do Linux (or the Open Source movement) their way. These tend to be the ones who fall into the "Open Source as religion/ideology" camp. Thankfully, these folks are few and far between but unfortunately they make enough noise to make the rest of us look bad. Thanks Linux Today.

    Qt to be GPL'd

    According to LinuxPlanet, the next version of the Qt GUI library will be released under the GPL. Qt is the library used by the KDE desktop for Linux. This announcement means that programmers can develop applications for KDE without having to worry about licensing issues with Qt. Qt's old license never stopped me from using KDE as my Linux desktop, but non-Linux users would be amazed at the number of people who got their undies in a SERIOUS bundle about it. I suppose then the best part of this announcement is that all those people will shut up. Thanks Slashdot.

    J.t.Qbe comments: Of course, all those whining zealots will have to pay attention long enough to read/hear the announcement in the first place--can't take it for granted that they will. I'm glad to see that Trolltech is keeping their licensing model, though--Qt is free if you're developing free software, or you pay for it if you're developing commercial software. That's fair. I get tired of those who whine that "KDE isn't really free." Yes it is. Regardless of the zealots' complaints, KDE is free, and it's one of the best desktops available for any platform.

    Parsec Demo Soonish?

    According to the Parsec homepage, there may be a "LAN-Test" available within a month to a month and a half. Parsec is a multi-platform free multiplayer space-combat sim. If the self-running demo is any indication, it could end up being quite cool. Thanks Linux Games.

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