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Wednesday, September 13, 2000

CookieCop, Day 1

Well, the first day of running CookieCop 1.2 (story) went very well. Every site displayed fine. It allowed five cookies (for my homebrew club's forum, ESPN, and Slashdot), and rejected 163. Most of those were ad banner cookies watching my every move. Jerks.

Aunt Beru, Dead at 77

Our own J sends word that Shelagh Fraser, the actress best known for playing Luke Skywalker's Aunt Beru has died at the age of 77. I guess there's nothing keeping me on this planet anymore . . .

Energizer Battery Test

Red-Mercury did a quick test of regular Energizer batteries vs. the new e2 batteries, using the AAA size on a Palm III. The goal was to find out of the newer batteries really are worthwhile for PDA users. The e2s do provide 10% longer life, but they cost 23% more than regular Energizers. I don't think you have to have a PhD to figure out which way to go. Thanks Visor Central.

Mac Shogo: MAD Demo

Mac Game Files got their hands on a demo of the Mac version of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (41M). This means that the Linux demo of the same can't be far behind! Thanks Blue.

For more Shogo information than one person should legally have, make sure to check out my very own Haus of Shogo! I updated the main page with a link to the Mac demo as well as the Mac system requirements.

Cookies Issues

In light of all the recent weirdness again, I've disabled cookies in my browser (I mainly use Netscape 4.7x). The problem is that some sites like require cookies to access their special subscriber-only sections. Does anyone know of any good cookie software that will allow cookies to only be used on certain sites? I think they are building that kind of functionality into Mozilla, but it could be a ways off. Please email me if you've got any good suggestions. Thanks!

UPDATE! In searching for information on cookie utilities, I remembered a program I tried a while ago called CookieCop, a PC Magazine utility. I had problems with it before because it didn't allow some pages to display properly in Netscape. A newer version has come out since then which fixes that bug, so I'm giving it another try. Basically I set it to reject every cookie, then I'm going back through the events log and adding those sites I want to allow to use cookies. So far, so good. I'll keep you posted.

More Amazon Stupidity

Reports have been swirling about's "price test" where certain DVDs could have varied in price by as much as $15, depending on when you ordered them. Now it seems that some prices got dropped too low so Amazon is demanding that customers pay the "real" price even though it was their error. The whole argument about online privacy and security will be moot if online retailers keep pulling stunts like this. People will start going back to the old brick and mortar stores in a big hurry. Thanks Slashdot.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Q3Jailbreak 1.0 Released

The folks at Team Reaction have finally released a non-beta version of their Quake III Arena modification, Jailbreak. You can download it from their files page. It comes in two flavors: a smaller (38M) version with no bot support and a larger (53M) version with bot support. I recommend the bot support version. Even cooler, open source folks will be happy to hear that they have released the source code as well! That should be a real boon for budding mod makers. Thanks Shugashack.

Blair Witch I Gold

The Spookhouse is reporting that Terminal Reality's Blair Witch I: Rustin Parr has gone gold. This is the first of three upcoming games to be based on the Blair Witch Project movie. Is it just me, or does this just scream "bad license", especially with three games coming out in rapid succession? No word on whether or not the games will enduce motion sickness or contain excessive profanity. Thanks sCary.

SoundsGood MP3 Springboard Review

VisorCentral posted a review of the second MP3 Springboard module released for the Handspring Visor. This one is the SoundsGood MP3 Player by Good Technology. While this one is more expensive than the MiniJam (story), it is easier on the Visor's batteries and can copy MP3s from the computer to the Visor at a blistering 13.9M/min as opposed to 2.08M/min with the MiniJam. I was waiting for more Springboards to start coming out--now they're coming out in bunches.

Why Visor?

Several times I have mentioned the fact that I have a Handspring Visor Deluxe PDA. You might wonder why I chose the Visor over a WinCE or other PalmOS device. Well, wonder no more! I have updated our Alternate OS section with an article entitled Why Visor? Check it out! This is the first in what will be a series of articles in which I will discuss all the cool things I can do with my PDA.

The Master comments: Including proving without a doubt that you're a complete geek-heck, you can't even leave computers at home, noooo, you gotta stuff a computer in your pocket and take it with you :-)

Loki and Linux Games

Wired posted an article on Loki Software's contributions to the Linux gaming scene. It's nice to see Loki getting more press, but it would be equally nice if the authors of these types of articles could be a bit more computer-literate. Thanks Shugashack.

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