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Thursday, September 14, 2000

Happy (WAY Belated) Anniversary!

I've always been bad at remembering important dates, so it stands to reason that I would forget about one for The Haus too. August 2 was the first anniversary of The Haus. What started out as a news page for Q3Test information has blossomed into, erm, whatever this site is today. Thanks to all our loyal readers (both of you). To quote Red Green, "Whatever this is, we've got a lot more of it!"

Regarding future anniversaries, this December 28 will be the second anniversary of my Haus of Shogo. I plan on adding to my Shogo walkthrough to help out the new players who will be using the soon-to-be-released Linux, Amiga, or Mac versions. We ride again!

W3CDNS released

I've released my first piece of software to the public today! Here is W3CDNS, a Microsoft IIS W3C log DNS resolver for Windows.

One of my biggest headaches is dealing with Microsoft W3C logs, since by default Microsoft doesn't resolve the requester IP addresses when writing their logfiles. So I wrote a little utility to parse the logs and resolve the c-ip IP addresses into DNS names. It's mega-alpha code, but it came in dang handy for me, so I figured somebody might get some use out of it. You're welcome :-)

Aureal to Creative?

The rumors continue to swirl that Creative Labs will be buying up the remnants of Aureal according to the Vortex of Sound. Here's a snip:
The latest whisperings we've heard may be upsetting for some people, but it looks like Creative will be buying the ashes of Aureal after all. While the amount of the alleged purchase is unknown, we had heard weeks ago that Creative was offering in excess of $35 million in order to take Guillemot out of the running. The deal may not materialize, however, as some creditors apparently are not happy with the company being sold to Creative, and are planning to file a petition with the court to block the sale.
The creditors might not get a chance to be that picky. It sounds like Creative's bid was head and shoulders over Guillemot's, the next closest competitor. More money has a tendency to quiet people's complaints. Thanks Shugashack.

New GLSetup

There is a new version of GLSetup available from their website. GLSetup is a handy utility to ensure that your OpenGL drivers are up-to-date as possible. This version adds support for the Voodoo 5 as well as ATi's Rage 128 and Radeon chips. Thanks Blue.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

CookieCop, Day 1

Well, the first day of running CookieCop 1.2 (story) went very well. Every site displayed fine. It allowed five cookies (for my homebrew club's forum, ESPN, and Slashdot), and rejected 163. Most of those were ad banner cookies watching my every move. Jerks.

Aunt Beru, Dead at 77

Our own J sends word that Shelagh Fraser, the actress best known for playing Luke Skywalker's Aunt Beru has died at the age of 77. I guess there's nothing keeping me on this planet anymore . . .

Energizer Battery Test

Red-Mercury did a quick test of regular Energizer batteries vs. the new e2 batteries, using the AAA size on a Palm III. The goal was to find out of the newer batteries really are worthwhile for PDA users. The e2s do provide 10% longer life, but they cost 23% more than regular Energizers. I don't think you have to have a PhD to figure out which way to go. Thanks Visor Central.

Mac Shogo: MAD Demo

Mac Game Files got their hands on a demo of the Mac version of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (41M). This means that the Linux demo of the same can't be far behind! Thanks Blue.

For more Shogo information than one person should legally have, make sure to check out my very own Haus of Shogo! I updated the main page with a link to the Mac demo as well as the Mac system requirements.

Cookies Issues

In light of all the recent weirdness again, I've disabled cookies in my browser (I mainly use Netscape 4.7x). The problem is that some sites like require cookies to access their special subscriber-only sections. Does anyone know of any good cookie software that will allow cookies to only be used on certain sites? I think they are building that kind of functionality into Mozilla, but it could be a ways off. Please email me if you've got any good suggestions. Thanks!

UPDATE! In searching for information on cookie utilities, I remembered a program I tried a while ago called CookieCop, a PC Magazine utility. I had problems with it before because it didn't allow some pages to display properly in Netscape. A newer version has come out since then which fixes that bug, so I'm giving it another try. Basically I set it to reject every cookie, then I'm going back through the events log and adding those sites I want to allow to use cookies. So far, so good. I'll keep you posted.

More Amazon Stupidity

Reports have been swirling about's "price test" where certain DVDs could have varied in price by as much as $15, depending on when you ordered them. Now it seems that some prices got dropped too low so Amazon is demanding that customers pay the "real" price even though it was their error. The whole argument about online privacy and security will be moot if online retailers keep pulling stunts like this. People will start going back to the old brick and mortar stores in a big hurry. Thanks Slashdot.

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