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Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Pseudo Officially Belly-Up

Pseudo Online, the folks behind "Shooters" and many other streaming video programs has officially ceased operations. They blame the slow proliferation of high-speed access for their failure. You want to know the real reason, in my opinion? Most of their shows were not worth wasting the bandwidth. Most were a couple of talking heads giggling and saying "ummm" once every 1/2 second. The shows by and large were not well planned, well written, or well performed. Even Shooters spent far too much time with Blue and loony laughing at each other and saying "umm". And, of course, they had to break in all the time to advertise their other programs that no one in his right mind would watch.


Well, I didn't realize this one till reading Blue's "Out of the Blue", but today was the 2 year anniversary of Shogo: MAD going gold. RIP, Shogo.

In addition, both A.T. and Eeyore picked the wrong team last night, so they're both down another loss. Looks like the drawing board needs a serious revisit on them there picks :-)

A.T. Hun comments: There were some serious upsets again, but at least I kept my head above water. I'm glad that I wasn't home when the only game to watch was the Green Bay vs. Philadelphia nap-enducing fiasco.

Carmack Interview on VE

Voodoo Extreme has an interview with John Carmack online, discussing the new DOOM engine, his programming methods, and views on future technology. It's not very detailed, but good stuff is there. One thing really leaped out at me though:
I am hoping that the absolute top-of-the-line system available when the game ships will be capable of running it with all features enabled and anti-aliasing on at 60hz, but even the fastest cards of today are going to have to run at fairly low resolutions to get decent frame rates. Many will choose to drop a feature or two to get some speed back, but they still won't be able to get near 60hz.

Remember, the game won't ship for a long time yet, and today's cards will seem a bit quaint by then.
Holy yikes Batman.

Monday, September 18, 2000

Graeme Devine .plan update

Graeme Devine updated his .plan with word on the new OS X version of Q3A that's poised for release.
I've gotten many emails regarding Q3A for Mac OS X Public Beta. Yes, we're working on a build, but it will go hand in hand with the forthcoming point release. All Mac users will notice a significant speed increase with this point release (when showing it to Apple they said "woah, how'd you do that?")


Looks like AT took the prize in his Week #3 picks at 8-5 with 1 game to go. Eeyore had a rough weekend with a 6-7 record. She's conceeded the weekend, so that's that. Gonna have to do real research this weekend instead of gutting it through, da? :-)

Winamp for Mac?

Looks like Nullsoft's Justin Frankel is working on a Macintosh port of Winamp. Good news for Mac junkies :-) (BTW: The link is full of vulgar language. So beware your innocent eyes...)

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