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Thursday, September 28, 2000

More Elite Force and CD Keys

Raven's John Scott updated his .plan with news that there are problems with the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force CD keys (and not just that people are trying to steal them). Here's the update:
More CD key fun. It seems there was an anomaly when printing out the CD keys (read: someone screwed up and is going to get shouted at), and '0's were not printed.

The format of the key is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-HH where HH is a hex number and the only place where '0's can occur. So, if you seem to be missing a digit at the end, put a '0' in its place.

This will be fixed in future duplication runs.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Can you say, "Oops"?

Using Q3A 1.17 and 1.25

I found an easy way to use the 1.25 patch for Quake III Arena while still using mods. It's pretty simple, since Q3A doesn't set any interfering registry entries or scatter DLLs all over your drive.

If you haven't installed the 1.25 patch yet copy your Quake III Arena and Quake III Arenabaseq3 directories to a new location (I used Quake III Arena 125). Then install the 1.25 patch in the new Quake III Arena 125 directory.

If you have installed the 1.25 patch copy the Quake III Arena and Quake III Arenabaseq3 directories as noted above. Then delete Quake III Arenabaseq3pak4.pk3 and reinstall the 1.17 patch in the Quake III Arena directory.

Then you will have two directories, one with 1.17 and one with 1.25 in it. If you want to use mods, choose the 1.17 directory. If you want to take advantage of the new features in 1.25, use the 1.25 directory. Granted you will need about a half gig free on your hard drive, but it will do the trick in the meantime.

3dfx interview

There's an interview with 3dfx PR guy Bubba Wolford over on VoodooExtreme. If you enjoy watching Marketing pigs sling mud at each other, it's a good read. HOWEVER, this little comment really grabbed my attention:
Nothing Nivida does will change what we are doing with the 6000. What is clear is that they missed their product cycle. This is the third regurgitation of GeForce! It was our belief that a product cycle meant introducing a new product. How many times Nvidia expect the consumer to buy the same product?

Now that Nvidia has missed the product cycle with NV20, we plan to forge ahead. The Voodoo5 6000 is still a 4 chip, 512-bit interface monster with 128MB of RAM and over 10.6 GB of memory bandwidth. It will regain the hands-down performance crown for us.
Okay #1: So the 300 different Voodoo models are completely different in every single respect even tho they're still called Voodoo? Gimme a break. #2: NVIDIA has missed product cycles? How can this butthead even say that when 3dfx hasn't hit a release date in forever. Good grief. Spin control sucks-especially when it's so completely bs'ed that it causes physical pain.

A.T. Hun comments: Not to mention the fact that I have a hard time trusting anyone named "Bubba" talking about technology.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Team Arena Info

Quake3World has posted the Quake III: Team Arena portion of their site. It contains a bunch of information on id's offical add-on to Quake III Arena, including four brand-spanking new screenshots. Thanks loonyboi.

MSN Explorer and Spam

A new version of MSN Explorer (which includes Internet Explorer and an email client among other things), will apparently send spam to everyone in your email list if you answer yes when asked if they want to contact the people on their list about a change in email. Here's what the message says,
"With MSN Explorer, you can send and receive e-mail, exchange instant messages with me and the millions of other people who use MSN Explorer, browse the Web and much more. MSN Explorer even offers an exciting new look for using the Web and makes it easy to find and play music online. Want to try it out? It's FREE! Just click on the link below and follow the download instructions."
Not exactly information on a change of email, is it. Thanks Shugashack.

SoF Post Mortem

Gamasutra has posted a post mortem for Soldier of Fortune, written by Raven's Eric Biessman. It's a very interesting read, as all of these post mortems have been. This is the first one I've read on a very successful title, though. Thanks Blue's News.

The AvantGo Haus

Since The Master and I have been working on this since the end of May (story), we decided to put the finishing touches on our AvantGo version of The Haus (AvantGo is a program for viewing web content on your PDA). Right now you can see the news and the three most recent articles. We're going to submit an application to become an official channel very soon. In the meantime, if you want to see the AvantGo version of The Haus, do the following:
  1. Go to AvantGo and get the software for your PalmOS or PocketPC PDA.
  2. Go to the create channel page.
  3. Under "Title:" enter The Haus. Under "Location:" enter Under "Link Depth:" enter 1 and check "yes" under "Include Images:".
  4. Click the "Save Channel" button.
The Haus should appear on your PDA next time you hotsync! Once we become an official channel, we'll give you the proper link. At this point, our channel is optimized for PalmOS devices, but it should work just fine on PocketPC/WinCE devices too. If anyone wants to buy me a PocketPC PDA for research purposes, feel free :)

Daikatana 1.2 Fixes

ION Storm's Noel Stephens updated his .plan with the complete list of fixes contained in the 1.2 patch for John Romero's Daikatana (insert your favorite Daikatana joke here). The list is huge, so I'm not even going to attempt to summarize it.

QNX Available Free!

J.t.Qbe, reporting from sunny western Michigan: Yesterday QNX Software Systems Ltd., maker of the QNX operating system, released its OS as a free download. QNX is a Unixlike operating system which has frequently been used in embedded devices. You can download a demo disk which contains the OS, GUI and web browser all on a 1.44 MB floppy disk. The OS itself has been reported to be quite stable. You can download a 24MB Windows-based installer or a 91MB CD image here.

Rats! I never thought that being in Michigan would ever be a disadvantage, but now I'm away from my T1 connection and CD burner at work! Oh well. Vacation will be over soon enough.

A.T. Hun comments: If memory serves me correctly, A friend of mine and I ran QNX on an original IBM PC way, way back circa 1982. You could even multitask on it. Memories . . .

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