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Monday, October 9, 2000

NFL Week #6 Final

The final records for this week's NFL picks are 10-4 for me and 7-7 for Eeyore. My year-to-date is now 53-33, Eeyore's is 36-35 (I'm 42-29 since Eeyore started in week #2). I was afraid when I saw this week's schedule but things turned out quite well.

Parsec LAN-Test Released

The good folks working on Parsec, the free, commercial-quality, space combat sim, has released a test version of the game. The test version can be played with up to four people on a LAN. You can download versions for Windows, MacOS, and Linux here (~69M). The Mac and Linux versions were released last week, but I wanted to wait to post this until all three versions were available. Earlier tests looked VERY promising.

Stephen Shaw Interview

Nextgame has posted an interview with LucasArts' Stephen Shaw, who is currently hard at work on Episode I: Obi-Wan. No word on the recently-announced delay of the game until 2001 (story). There's nothing terribly new, but the more I hear about the game, the more I'm interested. Thanks Blue.

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, I'm back! Didja miss me? I didn't think so. My NFL picks are back where they belong this week. With only tonight's Vikes-Bucs game left on the schedule, I am a sterling 10-3. Eeyore is 7-6 so far. Now to dig up some more news . . .

Last week, Slashdot "reported" that Red Hat 7.0 had 2,500 bugs. Linux Today posted an article on Red Hat's latest release and some of the furor that has surrounded it. According to Red Hat VP of Product Engineering, Eric Troan, this was the reality behind all those bugs:
First of all, the 2,500 number was all of the open bugs in our ticket system for all releases of all products. It includes engineering requests as well as our engineers internal todo lists for future releases.
That pretty much explains why I was never able to even come close to verifying that number. Slashdot still has not corrected the original article. I find it very interesting that Slashdot seems very keen on accusing Microsoft of using FUD as a weapon, but they are more than happy to use it themselves when they find a convenient target.

New Creative NVIDIA Drivers

The Creative Tech Support Downloads page has posted new "FastTrax" drivers for their NVIDIA-based graphics cards. The download description indicated version of the reference drivers and version of the display doctor.

Personally, I won't touch these until I get a new video card. Every single time I've upgraded drivers since Detonator 2 I get to go through monitor driver he//, and I'm not willing to do that again. Maybe A.T. will torture himself, however-he at least has a decent plug-n-pray monitor . . .

Sunday, October 8, 2000

Graeme Devine .plan update

Graeme Devine updated his .plan with word that he's planning to release his RoQ video encoder to the world soon.
I'm putting together the RoQ video encoder and source code for decoding video files. This will let you use the RoQ format in MODs for video and in any other game you want. The quality speaks for itself. Q3A was all 512x256 @ 30hz, while 11th Hour (the previous use of this codec) was 640x320 @ 15hz. The RoQ codec pretty much beats out anything else in terms of quality, so I'm happy to be finally getting this out there.

ASUS CUSL2 review

There's a new review of the ASUS CUSL2 motherboard up over at Normally I won't link a review on The Haus, since I have no way to authenticate their validity, but this one is special in that it explains the differences between the Intel BX and i8xx controller chipsets, which is a boon for those who don't understand the major changes Intel has wrought in their chipsets of late. Good mobo too from what's in the review.

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