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Saturday, October 14, 2000

Week #7 NFL Picks

My beloved Lions have the week off so I can make my picks without any loyalties clouding my opinions. Here we go! Giants, Rams, Bills, Redskins, Chiefs, Saints, Steelers, Broncos, Colts, Patriots, Eagles, 49ers, Vikings, Titans.

The Master comments: Eeyore's picks: Rams, Saints, Chiefs, Redskins, Giants, Bills, Steelers, Colts, Cardinals, Broncos, 49ers, Jets, Vikings, Titans. (And, no, she didn't copy A.T.-she had her list together Sunday night.)

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, it's certainly a slow enough news day! That actually turned out to be very fortuitous, because now I can have more time to test drive my new high-speed Internet connection! So far things are going very well. I do not miss my modem's retrains or disconnects one little bit. Top notch.

Friday, October 13, 2000

Xian .plan update

Christian "Xian" Antkow of id updated his .plan with a serious bug in the new v1.25y version patch of q3a
There appears to be a problem with your baseq3/q3key file being reinitialized to a virgin state when you connect to an original 1.25p server with your 1.25y client (they are incompatible.) The result of this bug is that Quake 3 will print "Invalid CDKey" when you exit the game, reload it, and try to connect to servers on the net.

I was able to replicate this issue in-house and have mailed the programmers.

If you wish to save yourself some aggravation while testing this release, I would suggest the following after you've ensured that q3key contains your valid CD-Key;

Loki Interview posted an interview with several members of Loki Software, who have ported and distributed countless Windows games to Linux. It's a good peek behind the scenes at what goes into porting a game. Thanks Blue's News.

For example, I was going to update my instructions for installing Unreal Tournament in Linux, but the new Loki 428 binary makes it quite literally a no-brainer. It's just as easy as installing it in Windows. Very slick and highly recommended. They're even making some of their OpenGL renderer improvements available for the Win32 version of the game. How cool is that?

New Q3A Beta Patch Soon Now

id CEO, Todd Hollenshead, updated his .plan with word that a new beta 1.25 patch for Quake III Arena will be released within the next couple of hours. Here's a snip:
The major change for this release is the physics code, which should make the game feel like 1.17. We're looking for feedback from players specifically on this issue. There are a number of other fixes, which are detailed in the readme.
If all goes well, a non-beta patch will be released next week. If you don't feel like testing or if you play a lot of mods, don't download it.

UPDATE! OK, that was quick. The patch is already out! You can download it (17.6M) from Blue's News, Shugashack, Stomped, or FilePlanet. Shugashack also posted the list of changes.

More 3dfx Pain

These two items come courtesy of sCary and the boyz. Just when things couldn't look a whole lot uglier, they've gotten uglier for 3dfx. First is HardOCP is reporting that their head PR guy, Brian Burke, has left the company and will be working for NVIDIA now. (I'm searching for confirmation from NVIDIA and/or 3dfx on this. UPDATE! Riva3D contacted 3dfx directly. They confirmed that this story is true.).

Also, 3dfx issued a warning that third quarter earnings will be "substantially" below expectations. I don't know how much further 3dfx stock can fall. It's already at 2 3/4. Can you say "hostile takeover"? I knew you could!

The Master comments: NVIDIA steps up to 3dfx stock-inhales deeply. Bu-bye 3dfx :-)

Mozilla M18, Revisited

I guess it would figure that with all the glowing praise I have Mozilla M18 for Linux that I would have problems with the Win32 version. Everytime I start it up it GPFs almost immediately. I'm going to have to check the Mozilla website to see if there's some workaround. Oh well.

UPDATE! I tried downloading last night's nightly build (which was slightly different) and even changing my video card drivers back to 5.22 but Mozilla still crashes on start up. I hope to find a solution, but for now I'm giving up. Good thing it works very slick in Linux.


Okay-I was offline all night last night, since Time-Warner has got my cablemodem completely borked into the deep black. It finally came up this morning, allowing me to pull down my 300 email messages, thank you SOOO much TW.

Course, now I'm behind on my history updates, which means a good two hours tonight updating if TW decides to leave my modem alone long enough to do it.

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